Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prism Birthday Bash

I am a board member for Prism, mid-Misery's queer/straight youth alliance. We mostly provide a substance-free, safe environment for weekly activities such as game nights, crafts, movies, bowling, etc. The organization is partially run by the youth and has not-for-profit status.

Every year around this time, we throw a birthday bash as a way to raise funds for the year. This is our primary fund-raiser for the entire year for all the activities we provide as well as rental of the space. (Although, the board is working on some grant possibilities in the future.)

My purpose for mentioning all of this is to solicit some donations from my readers...sort of like the blog's version of an NPR fund-drive. I have raffle tickets that we have suggested that people donate $1 for one ticket or $5 for six. We will be raffling off prizes from several local merchants.

You could also attend the celebration on December 9th from 2 to 4 in the Book Room at Mark Twain Ballroom on the MU campus.

If you don't live in Misery but would like to donate, let me know. I'll turn in your tickets for you and mail you any prizes you might win.

Thanks for your time and now back to your regularly-scheduled blog...


abby said...

i want to buy some. i just emailed r about it because i don't have your email address... i love a raffle.

Pizza Cottontail said...

I'll donate some $. Where should I send the check?

jenny said...

we'll get a couple of tickets.