Saturday, March 03, 2007

T/F Blurb

So, I have very little time to blog... We got up kinda late and so I can't give a full run-down of last night's flicks. Let's just say that Nimrod Nation looks to be a good reason to get the Sundance Channel. There's some interesting native politics and sprawl issues as well. In the Shadow of the Moon was loooooooong! I don't care what Buzz Aldrin (sp? No time to Google to check spelling) thinks about God. Running Stumbled is a train wreck. If you liked Tarnation or Julien Donkey Boy (again, no time to Google), you'll love this piece of crap.
Hopefully today goes better. I don't even have time to check what's in-store. I'll update later. (As if anyone is reading this...)

Here's the Ragtag last night...

Here's Lawrence, KS own Death & Flowers. Long live Freak folk!

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