Friday, October 13, 2006

mental health days

we should all take mental health days. i took a sick day today in order to take a break from the unforgiving job of managing 22 nine- and ten-year olds, navigating a curriculum dictated by "no child left untested", and avoiding my administrators. many long hours have i spent at my job this school year. sure, i get summers off, but what about the sundays and extra hours before and after school spent just to keep my head above water. it's got to get easier... of course i also had to go to court in order to contest a moving violation. fyi-don't pass a car who's turning left, on the right within 100 feet of any intersection, especially when the po-po is on the prowl for college students returning for the fall...and your rear bumper is covered with left-leaning and strange indie rock stickers. it's still not resolved. apparently, i have to return in late november to meet with the prosecutors to discuss my illegal passing ticket. WTF? might go check out tapes 'n tapes w/ cold war kids on thursday. wasn't sure b/c of the toll that going to sufjan stevens in st. louis took on me but i think i can stand to be tired for one friday. we'll see. cold war kids are good. cross between strokes and walkmen w/ robert plant on vocals. makes me wanna' dance... i think my mental health is returning.

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