Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Reason #5 Why I Live in Misery: Red lights have no meaning.

I used to get annoyed when cars in COMO would sit at a green light before finally inching forward. I can't tell you the number of times I've missed a light due to the driver in front of me taking his sweet time.

It happened again today at Stadium and Providence. We were maybe the third or fourth car back and could have easily made the light. However, it changed and the cars in front failed to move. I looked up to see three cars cross in front of us, obviously running the red light.

I knew this was a problem. I mean, besides seeing cars run numerous red lights before, the city put up those cameras all over town to deter red light runners. It hasn't worked.

Red lights mean nothing in this town. It's as if they see pink and that doesn't mean stop. I often heard the term "fresh red" when the light has just turned red, meaning there's still time to cross.

No, there isn't. If it's red, you stop. If it's yellow, you better be practically through the intersection or you should stop.

The odd thing about this trend is that it isn't that dangerous because no one goes when the light is green. It changes, they look both ways as two more cars enter and exit the intersection. Then they move. They go so late in the light that the car two spots behind has to decide whether to go on "orange" or stop for red. I'm sure you can guess which choice they make.

All I ask is that you all stop on red, go on green, and at least err on the side of caution when it's yellow. I want to see my daughter grow up.


Mike said...

The game I used to play was I'd honk when there were cars in the intersection if I had the green. It's fun, and it teaches a valuable lesson about car horns.

comoprozac said...

Yeah, I do the same, but I don't think anyone pays attention to car horns these days. They've been overused. Now, if I had a big red paint gun, that might do something.