Friday, June 12, 2009

The Gay of COMO

Let me get this out of the way...I am pro-gay, an ally, a rainbow warrior, whatever you want to call it. I support the right for gays to live life like the rest of us. I support gay adoption and, most importantly, I support gay marriage. To me, this is the next great step in civil rights history (that and the rights of the poor and working poor). So, there it is.

Oh, and I really do wish Kenny Chesney were gay.

This is Pride weekend in COMO. As usual, I'm missing it. I'm not proud of this, but it is what it is. Either way, I would like to extend lim's full support for this weekend's festivities. Additionally, I'll give a shout-out to the Center Project and Prism (of which I was a two-year member of the board).

My real reason for mentioning all this is that for the first time ever, I really wanted to dress my dog up in a ridiculous costume. It seems there will be a Gayest Dog Contest on Saturday from 3 to 4. Sadly, I will be on the road, returning from my class in STL. (Right now, Bodhi is jumping for joy. Well, sort of.)

Even if you don't have a gay dog, it would be a good idea to show some support for COMO's gay community by swinging by Stephens Lake Park for the PrideFest activities. Or you could at least wear a pink triangle or fly your rainbow flag.

It's hard to believe that R and I moved here nearly four years ago. One of the things we felt was absent was the gay scene. There was (and still is) no gay bar downtown. No stores flew rainbow flags. We couldn't find the gay community anywhere. The place from which we came - Columbus, OH - is a gay mecca of sorts. So, this was a bit of culture shock for us.

Then, R walked into Main Squeeze and things began to become clearer. I joined the Prism board. New friends came out to us and invited us to SoCo. The world regained its balance.

There is a strong gay community in this town. Support it. If we allow the government to dictate what they do in their bedrooms or whom they can marry, what's in store for the rest of us? Enjoy PrideFest, COMO!

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Elizabeth Hornbeck said...

Hey, yeah, that's what I told you over a year ago -- there IS a strong gay community in this town. It's great to see you reversing your anti-Columbia biases. Can I tell you how many other things you were wrong about? Your blog still offends me -- especially the title.