Saturday, January 17, 2009

First HH at the 'Tag: A Success!

At about 5:20 pm yesterday, I was ready to title this post "Reason #2 Why I Live in Misery: Nobody shows for happy hour." R went ahead so that one of us would be represented at the happy hour we planned at the 'Tag while I waited for Lu to wake up from her nap. She called at 5:20 to see if the kid was awake and whether we were on our way. Nobody, including those who RSVP'd on Facebook, had shown. I told R that I was coming no matter what and that we could have our own familial happy hour despite all the no-shows.

Then, something happened on my way to the 'Tag.

I called R to tell her I was turning onto Hitt Street so that she could grab Lu out of the car while I found a parking space. She said people had started to show. Happy hour was on.

For the next three or four hours, a steady stream of friends and acquaintances braved the cold for a drink or two at the 'Tag. The HH I organized on Facebook was a modest hit. And it sounds like the fun continued on through the night.

Now our goal is to make Happy Hour at the 'Tag a regular Friday thing. The idea is that not everyone has to show every Friday, but just to get a few people to stop by on Fridays as a regular thing would be great.

If you're reading this and live anywhere near COMO, be sure to stop in at the Ragtag some Friday between 5 pm and 1 am for happy hour(s). If you're on Facebook, join our group. If you're just passing through town on a Friday, stop by.
I can't guarantee that I'll be there every week, but I will certainly try to make it as often as possible.

BTW-For those wondering what beer I sampled last night: I finished off the special for R, a Stag with a shot of rye, since she's no fan of beer. Then I nursed a Jewbilation 11 (on tap!!!) on a upset stomach.


Huey said...

What a great idea. I miss the happy hour phenomenon.

ATR said...

Could it be that one of my top ten reasons for missing that place you call "Misery" is embodied somehwere in the noun phrase "Stag with a shot of rye?"

Great, now I'm cold AND sad.