Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Beer I Drank Today: New Year's Edition

The beer I drank yesterday: Schlafly's No. 15

American Dark Wheat Ale

Color: cloudy amber

slight head, not much lacing

Aroma: banana coriander

Flavor: This beer reminds me a lot of Boulebard's Wheat (which I used to wash down a couple of burgers at Booches earlier in the day), but the flavors are more intense. Great citrus-y tartness that's only hinted in the Boulevard, but comes home on No. 15.

Context: R bought me a cookbook which pairs dishes with various beers. Some of the recipes include beer as one of the ingredients. I chose to make the flourless souffle which called for a dark wheat ale. One of the best dark wheat ales - according to Beer Advocate - is Schlafly's No. 15. So, the choice was easy.

Would I recommend this beer to you? Certainly. Sometimes wheat ales get lost in all the other flavors one consumes, but No. 15 holds its own.

The beer I drank yesterday: Haandbryggeriet Dark Force

Russian Imperial Stout

Color: black with a brown head

foamy, coffee-looking, little lace

Aroma: Chocolate City - I couldn't stop sniffing my glass long after the beer was consumed.

Flavor: It's chocolate and coffee with more malt than one usually gets from a RIS.

Context: We put together some fondue for New Year's Eve. I found that chocolate stouts go well with buttery cheeses and wanted to give this Euro-Russian Imperial Stout a shot.

Would I recommend this beer to you?
Yes. I have gained a new appreciation for stouts this winter and this one did nothing to end that appreciation. There is certainly a roasted, chocolaty, coffee-like thing going on throughout craft stouts right now and I'm loving it.

The beer I drank today: Left Hand Snowbound Winter Ale

Winter Warmer

Color: really dark, dark brown, almost black

sort of flat, not much head or lacing

Aroma: nutmeg

Flavor: nutmeg with hops, leaving a cola aftertaste

Context: My sister brought some great beers from Ohio. While those beers chilled, I broke open this winter warmer to get us started.

Would I recommend this beer to you?
As a seasonal beer, it's fine, but I won't be looking for this beer a year from now. So, it depends.

The beer I drank today: Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

Imperial IPA

Color: copper

decent head, sticky lacing all the way down

Aroma: hops, hops, and more hops

Flavor: a hoppy DIPA without the burning bitterness...Did I mention hops?

Context: My sister arrived with a bunch of beer from Ohio. I felt like the best way to reward her was to offer one of these bottles.

Would I recommend this beer to you?
Uh, yeah. This is as good as it gets. I'm sure plenty has been written on just how good a DIPA this is, but man, it really is great.

he beer I drank today: Stone's Arrogant Bastard

American Strong Ale

Color: dark, dark amber

moderate head; sticky, sticky lacing

Aroma: sweet, citrusy hops

Flavor: This is a lot like the oaked version, but it doesn't have the smokiness...leaving room for lots of hops.

Context: Mom brought me the oaked version. I liked it. My sister brought the original in a bomber and I like it the same. I thought it would go well with the individual pizzas we made for dinner. It did.

Would I recommend this beer to you?
Yes. Yes. And yes.

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