Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Hipsters Have It

The hipsters have spoken. They want Obama, and Obama they shall have...

Well, actually, the last time I checked, Clinton and Obama were splitting delegates like Chuck Norris splits heads (when he's not stumping for Huckabee, that is). But, if anyone has the hipster vote, it's Obama.

Look at all the indie rockers backing the Senator from Illinois. Conor Oberst put on an impromptu concert in Iowa the night before Obama's caucus win. Win Butler writes in Obama cheers to Arcade Fire set lists between "Neighborhoods #1 and 3". M Ward has recently joined Oberst on the Obama campaign trail. People are reading Pitchfork for political updates instead of the Times.

Then, there's American Apparel. My friend, Kristen, tipped me off on the new AA ad on their homepage. Apparently, the ultra-hipster-outfitting, no-sweatshop-employing clothier has returned to its political roots and come out in support of Obama (and McCain) due to his take on immigration.

Go to any Obama rally or watch the stump speeches on CNN. You could play Hipster Bingo all night long. I always knew that hipsters were loaded with white guilt, but geesh. (Of course, this could be my problem. I would be the "over 30 hipster" on your bingo boards.)

Whatever it is, I still hope Barack can pull this thing out. Clinton may get the NASCAR dads and security moms, but Obama owns the white guilt hipsters. Now that's a demographic to contend with.


Mike said...

If American Apparel's for Obama, that's not a good endorsement.

Their ads really creep me out.

Anonymous said...

The American Apparel guy, for all his hipster cred, is a creepy fuck and a child molester.

He jerked off in front of a reporter once.

Slick guy.

comoprozac said...

Two things...

1) I am not saying that the AA endorsement is a good thing. It was simply a fact that supports my assertion that hipsters love Obama and they are a powerful demographic.

2) I know that the AA guy is a creep and sleeps with his employees and rubbed one out infront of a Jane reporter. I do not endorse him, just Obama.

However, I would argue that their tshirts are very soft.

Anonymous said...


Hipsters can support Obama, I belive your assertion to be 100% correct, but I will contend that hipsters are too lazy/coked up to actually make it to the polls on the Gin-U-Wine election day.

See: CEO of American Apparel.

Anonymous said...

I can verify that there were two (myself not included), count em two, 'Hipsters' in line in front of me at the polling place Tuesday. Now, I can't know WHO they were voting for, but I can say that I have never seen the 'hipster-type' at my polling place in past elections. Therefore, I assumed they were of the Obama-persuasion. But we all know the validity of those exit-poll type assumptions.

Anonymous said...

oh, i also do not endorse the AA CEO or his lifestyle and management 'choices'. i just thought it was interesting that AA supported Obama based on his scapegoat comment in the LA debate (which i thought was a really brave if not risky answer).

comoprozac said...

Well, there you have it. I was right that the hipster vote is important and well-informed.

-Message courtesy of Hipsters for Obama '08