Saturday, September 01, 2007

When Bloggers Meet

Last night, I met up with two fellow COMO bloggers,K and M, at Flat Branch. What was interesting about this meeting was that I had never met K and M in-person before. Our only conversations had been through comments on each other's blogs and some emails. It was similar to the time I first met my wife, whom I also met online four years ago, but I had no intention of dating my new friends. (Although, there was at least one Ice Storm reference.) I just wanted some beers and good conversation.Beer is what I the form of a glassful on my lap thanks to K's enthusiastic gesturing. But that didn't dampen the evening. We had an enjoyable dinner and several pints of Columbia's finest brews. M and I sipped on some KT Trail Pale Ale, and K had...well I don't quite remember, but I know it was cold.

As we finished our last glasses of beer, it was suggested that we head to the Blue Fugue for some more beer and shots of the infamous Chartreuse. Apparently, the BF is a transplant from New Orleans that has found a new home on South 9th Street. Featuring the aforementioned Chartreuse, a neon green-tinted, spice-filled liquor made by French monks, the dive bar is a welcome hang-out for intellectuals, hookah smokers, and beer connoisseurs.

A shot of Chartreuse was promptly ordered and handed to me. It was an icy swallow of spice that was chased by a tiny snifter of something fruity. We sat around a table as a cast of characters, a hookah, and more Chartreuse made their way to our spot. The BF was a fun place with a lively atmosphere.

As the night wore on, I began to fade. K and M can really hold their liquor. It's been a long, long time since someone drank me under the table. My ass was dragged home as my new friends made a run to the Waffle House for some hangover prevention in the form of grease.

I don't know if I can handle too many nights like last night with the bloggers, but it was a lot of fun. I highly recommend the Blue Fugue. However, beware of the Chartreuse. She can be an evil temptress.


Anonymous said...

Last night was a bit of a special night. Granted, i will drink the shit out of tasty bev if there are good friends and conversation. Put those together and it is the biggest beer fuel I've ever met.

I've finally settled on the new blog. I needed to grow a pair and commit, so i did. Lovey is the Penultimate CouponWhore

Good Luck to us all.

BTW Bring RAD next time.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Como blogger! What about me?

Vered Rice

KR said...

I HATE YOU ALL. YOU LEFT ME OUT!! :( Gah... I'm so hurt.

comoprozac said...

Oh, there will be future blogger nights out. That's for sure.

Vered, do you have a fake ID?

Sorry kr. It's not our fault you're in Philly.

Anonymous said...


Like M said, give up your hopes and dreams and come drink with us!