Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sharing the Blove (Blog Love)

Two fellow bloggers have recently mentioned my blogs as inspiration for recent posts. I am extremely flattered since both of them are professional writers whose blogs I regularly read and really enjoy.

One of these bloggers is Dr. Fabulous who teaches at Mizzou in rhetoric & composition with my partner, R. His partner joined him in his move and also works in rhet/co
mp. I've been reading their blogs since they first interviewed at MU. Yellow Dog covers a vast array of subject matter from Fab's diverse taste in music (which doesn't seem to go past 1976 or so) to beer (good beer, no PBR) to his personal life to his work in composition studies. His partner's blog, Working Blue, covers similar ground with more of a focus on motherhood than beer.

I passed along a copy of the article I wrote about in my last post to Dr. Fab. While his tastes do not match my own, I can respect his attachment to the music and intense loyalty. (His partner's tastes are actually much closer to mine.) Anyway, my post inspired him to write on the topic from his point of view.

The other blogger is Raymond Cummings, the guy behind Voguing to Danzig. (I'm writing his name out 'cause that's how he does it in his blog and comments. What?) He stumbled upon my oeuvre blog dedicated to Pavement and has been a great supporter ever since. He began his last post like so...
Ah, yaaaaaaasss – Terror Twilight’s crown jewel. This Johnny Knoxville-lookin' dude's take on the tune ("Folk Jam") got me to thinking about it last night in bed whilst wrestling with some wicked insomnia...
No one has ever referred to me as looking like Johnny Knoxville before. Kevin McHale? Yes. The star of TV's Jackass and that one John Waters flick? Never. Either way, I'm thankful for the mention.

Blogging for the last year has been one of the most rewarding parts of my life in Misery. The fact that these two guys felt it necessary to read what I have to say, write down their own opinions, and then let me know that I helped inspire those writings is somewhat satisfying.

Of course, I would be an idiot not to mention all the kind folks (friends and strangers) who regularly comment on my blogs. They keep me blogging. The conversations that I normally can't have are picked up by their clever and encouraging comments. It makes it hard to play up this whole "Misery" thing.

Whether you're one of these regular readers or have somehow stumbled upon living in misery by accident, please check out the blogs mentioned above as well as Central Standard, CouponWhore, Hardcore Blog Fisting Action (best blog name ever?), Post-December, My Impression Now, and Why Not Blog?. Of course, if I've left you off this list, leave me a comment.

Can you feel the blog love? Can you feel the Blove?


Raymond Cummings said...

Wow, man, thanks for the mention. And no problem repping you - I believe in giving credit where it's due if something I read strongly moves me to write something.

(I'd add you to my blogroll but this @#%@#% template I've got - which I'm way too happy with - won't let me.)

comoprozac said...

No problem...just make sure you mention me a lot...ha!