Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Late Afternoon Diversions

My sister once said that you can only look at Pitchfork so many times. Well, I hadn't looked all day, but I did find some entertaining diversions...

The Pipsters (hipsters who work for Pitchfork) actually posted two Spoon videos with this little, Peep-lookin' thing. I love this song, though.

Then, I checked out the latest Will Oldham sighting only to discover my new favorite soap, or, as I prefer to call them, "stories". Now I know where South Park got that whole "Tom Cruise, come out the closet" gag. Enjoy a sweet diversion.


ATR said...

This is a kind of hipster Muppet Show. For some reason the whole bread crumb trail of R. Kelly to South Park to Will Oldham to dancing peeps makes me smile the biggest post-modern smile I can muster.

comoprozac said...