Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tate Forcier Meet Thaddeus Gibson

"I am going to get (my teammates) to a bowl game. If it means spending 10 hours in film this week, then I am going to do it. But we are going to get them to a bowl game." - Tate Forcier, Michigan freshman QB

The above happens for the 5-6 Wolverines if they beat Ohio State this weekend in Ann Arbor. Good luck.

Um, just don't tell the NCAA about all those extra hours in the film room. Tate, how did you like Thaddeus Gibson in all that film-watchin'?

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Rainier said...

Wow! Didn't know that you were so defensive of the Blue (Last thread comments)!

They also played the first "official" football game ever.

Not to mention, I have a kick ass vinyl with their band playing The Best of John Philip Sousa. But, we in the know know its ALL good.

"Since 1898, Michigan athletes have been cheered on by the strains of The Victors, a march that John Philip Sousa called one of the best he'd ever heard." Unnamed Source