Monday, November 02, 2009

Cafe Berlin

Cafe Berlin once occupied that odd, little building on Providence and Walnut. Before that, it was the Root Cellar. Cafe Berlin's food was mediocre at best the first time we tried it. I had a ham sandwich, something I could have made ten times better at home. I didn't have much hope for the place.

Then it seemed like we were hearing from everyone we knew that a great breakfast could be had at Cafe Berlin. Ever since Cucina Sorella left Ninth Street, COMO was in desperate need of a good breakfast joint that wasn't a diner or bakery. We hoped maybe Cafe Berlin will fill the void.

Cafe Berlin has been a weekend staple for this family after we gave it another try. The coffee is good and the pancake burritos are better. Rarely is there a Saturday or Sunday we don't make a trip to our favorite breakfast joint. (That and the owners have a daughter who is the only Lucia we know outside our own.)

Our breakfast needs were fulfilled, but one day Cafe Berlin moved. Why? I didn't know. Who would leave such a prime location near downtown?

Well, this past weekend we finally got our answer. We headed out to CB's new locale on 10th and Park, across from Mojo's. In what used to be a gas station/convenience store, Cafe Berlin set up shop.

The new spot has a lot of amenities over the old building. First, it looks more like a restaurant with plenty of windows, a bar(!), booths(!!), and the potential for outdoor seating. The joint is not finished, but it's way roomier than the old place.

I know that I complain about living here, but I do like to see good, local business thrive. Cafe Berlin is such a business. This new move only makes it a better breakfast option and expands the scope of things to do downtown.

Now, if we could just get a proper Thai restaurant...


Carrie said...

Also add that Cafe Berlin sometimes hosts shows. Super plus bonus points there.

I'm a little miffed that it's farther from my house now, but whatever. Despite being a breakfast enthusiast, I never ate there much anyway since I don't care to a) wait for my breakfast (I get cranky if I don't eat immediately after waking), b) pay for things and c) eat out more than once a week.

Dirk Wayne said...

I had no idea they moved. I'm not a breakfast enthusiast per se, but I've always liked that place and those people. I can't wait to see the new location.

I remember once a few years ago we played a show there and the owner's daughter (also Lucia?) was doing a little dance.

Jerry and Dena said...

Next trip, I want to go there!

ATR said...

Glad to hear some good news from CoMO. Just finished reading Joseph O'Neil's NETHERLAND, in which an immigrant applying for citizenship complains that some form of his was lost in Misery. Comoprozac's influence on literature?

comoprozac said...

Oh, that's just the beginning.

Carrie said...

Fun Fact: Years before mr. comoprozac discovered life in misery, a band of young dudes from my high school named after one of my childhood friends (stewart) cut an EP called "Come back to Misery." This was back in 2001, kids.

It's a pun as old as the state, I'm afraid.

comoprozac said...

Well, I didn't know about your friend's band, but I used "Misery" as a pneumatic device to pass my fifth grade states and capitals test. (98% correct in case you're wondering.)