Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Message to Mizzou Students

Today was the first day I've really been out on the streets since the students returned. The traffic was heavier just from the added volume of with the addition of over 20,000 students to the roadways. So, congestion was to be expected.

What I sort of forgot about or maybe wiped from my memory was the reckless abandon with which some students drive. I know that it's not all students, but I know they're students. I didn't notice nearly as many drivers quickly switching back and forth between lanes, speeding past only to suddenly slam on breaks, or texting while driving over the summer. I can also tell you that the worst offenders while I was out had Greek letters on their cars or were obviously young but not young enough to be in high school.

I don't mean to be old man como, the cranky old dude complaining about all the young people and their rock and roll music and whatnot, but I feel I have to say something. People do live here year around. Take care as you drive.

If you don't do it for me, at least be a little more careful so that Lucia sees her first birthday.

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