Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lucia's Kitchen

At one time, I had grandiose ideas to build Lucia a play kitchen. No, not because she's a girl. Rather, I wanted her to have a play kitchen because so much of her mother's and my lives are focused on food and drink. She needed space to play make believe on her own since our kitchen is limited on space. We're getting her a train set and other toys, but the kitchen was going to be as essential as the real kitchen is to our lives.

I never built that kitchen. Between a busy work schedule and a lack of woodworking skills (although I did build a bed once), I was never able to put anything together. So, to Craig's List we turned.

On Craig's List, we found this "neat" homemade kitchen set. I called right away and had it in my procession within hours of its posting. The only problem is that it's really grungy. The set has obviously been sitting outside for a while, so it will take some TLC to make it usable.

All I've done so far is cleaned some of the dirt and splashed on a fresh coat of primer. The plan is to paint it in bright colors, mostly those used to paint Lu's room. I'll keep you updated.

Here are some of the before pictures.

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