Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bald Eagle Is No More

I can't believe no one else mentioned this anywhere (or at least I didn't find it with a simple Google search). According to Nardy via his Twitter feed, Bald Eagle has called it quits.

I'm not fully entrenched in the scene here, but this was a band loved by many. I don't know that I've seen a live show as terrifyingly glorious as a Bald Eagle set. If you never got to see them. You missed something.

Bald Eagle will be missed and they leave a gaping hole in the COMO music scene. That is for sure. I'll try to get up my footage of their first three songs of what has turned out to be their last gig, this month's EU showcase at the Note.

Those are cobras, man.

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My Name is Bird said...

The last 5 songs that we recorded for a new record can be found on our myspace page or on the Bald Eagle fan page on Facebook.