Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Date Night

Any new parent (and even a few old ones) will agree that it's hard to get out. I figure out a way to sneak out once in a while, but rarely do R and I do something together. Tonight, we went out on a date.

We planned to grab a bite to eat and catch a flick at the 'Tag...and buy some diapers on our night out. Thankfully, there was no time for diapers, so it was still like an actual date.

We hit a new place called Room 38 where Otto's used to lie on Walnut, across from the courthouse. The place is trying really hard with its open floor plan, modern booths, and VIP rooms to be something. The beer menu was weak and typical, so I skipped the drink and we shared some small dishes.

The food was a pleasant surprise. The blackened shrimp with peppers and Monterey jack were smokey. The Thai lettuce wraps were messy and hard to eat on the cubed table, but rather tasty. We finished off our light meal with dumplings and some delicious ginger sauce. I won't drink there, but I might eat at Room 38 again.

The quick bite to eat left us with just enough time to hit the 'Tag for Gigantic. Since I hadn't had my beer yet, I purchased 12 oz. of Chimay on tap for the feature. R opted for popcorn.

Gigantic was a gigantic letdown. Don't get me wrong. The performances were great. My crush Zoe Deschanel was as crush-worthy as ever. The music was right. Zach Galifianakis was creepy. There was a good story. The cinematography was nearly flawless. The film just sort of puzzled me. I understood it fine. I just didn't get the direction director Matt Aselton took this film. There were holes and questions. Maybe that makes it a good movie. I dunno.

We made it home to relieve our sitter - R's colleague D - from her duties. I shared a Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale and some of my ice cream with D before she braved the weather. I should also make it known that D is more than a sitter and colleague. She is one of Lu's favorite people. So, she is more than just a sitter.

And it was done. I became our parents. I went out on a date consisting of dinner and a movie while the sitter watched the kid. The transformation is complete.


Pizza Cottontail said...

I'd heard bad things about Gigantic.

I've learned that even though I have a massive crush on someone, I shouldn't automatically endorse everything they do. That's why I didn't vote for Mitt Romney! (Although I will admit a huge effin mancrush factored into my decision to vote for Barack.)

comoprozac said...

How big?