Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Connor Oberst at the Note

Is there an iPhone app for zooming in?

I caught the Connor Oberst show last night to mark one of the very few times I've been able to get to a rock show. (And this marks one of the very few times I've actually posted on this blog lately.) R and I were supposed to go together, but the challenges of parenthood left me to fend for myself. That's fine. R doesn't really care for Bright Eyes much.

We did, however, sneak out for a little drink as R sipped on a Manhattan and I had a New Belgian Dandelion Ale.

Once I finally made it to the Note, I found a warmed up crowd not unlike that at a Wilco concert. Several beards, pseudo-hipsters, and plenty o' bros were on had for Oberst and his post-Bright Eyes project. Actually, the kids in the crowd didn't surprise me so much. What surprised me were the elderly in the audience (of which I am not yet a member). Oberst's come a long ways since 15-year-old girls sneaked into clubs to catch a glimpse of the boy wonder jumping from drum kits and metaphorically slitting his wrists on stage.

Anyway, you can say what you want about Connor Oberst or his Bright Eyes material, but you can't bag his ability to put together a great band. I've been going to Bright Eyes shows for years and his bands were always of a higher-than-usual caliber. Last night's group topped them all. They were tight, loose, professional, jubilant, precise, etc.

Last night's show made me really appreciate the material Oberst has put out on Merge. It was such an impressive show that I think it may help sneak his album onto my mid-year list. (Yes, I realize this year's list is late. Give me a break. I have a baby and am taking three classes this summer.)

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