Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I'm Not Doing

I was always told that my life would stop after having kids. Well, that's an exaggeration. As anyone who reads this blog would know, I find plenty of ways to get out of the house. However, things have certainly slowed around this house.

A key difference between this year and last year is in my record buying. I used to stop at the local shops every Tuesday to see what releases came in. Those that didn't make it to COMO were purchased online or even at the shows. Now, I do almost all my record buying online. I'm not sure if I went vinyl because I could get everything on vinyl online or I went online because that's the only place to get vinyl in COMO. It doesn't matter. I've realized that this hobby has no time in my current life, so to Insound I go with my dollars.

Speaking of music...One thing I'm definitely not doing is going to shows. Sure, I've seen some good shows since Lucia's birth, but the number of shows I've missed is enormous. I bet I've missed 75-80% of the shows I wanted to attend. In the past, I might miss 10%. A perfect example are all the Tops shows I missed. Those kids have supported this blog and kept me in the loop for nearly two years, but I never made it out to see them play.

Another example of a show I've missed is tonight's Willie Nelson concert on Ninth Street. I'm not saying I'm a big Willie fan, but I would have walked up to tonight's show if there wasn't some baby who needed to be put to bed.

Despite sneaking out twice in the last seven days for some beer geek revelry, I've missed a ton of tastings and other events with the Columbia Beer Enthusiasts. Last week, I shared some beers with fellow enthusiasts as we planned out the summer events. Then, Monday was the night to share your favorite brewery. Almost no one actually followed the theme. We did enjoy several good homebrews, including my own. At one point, there was even a little side trip to the new brewery downtown. Looks like it's two months away to me. These two nights out just reminded me of what I'm missing.

Then there's this blog. I have had no time to post. You wouldn't believe the number of posts I've started that never see publication. I don't have all those free hours in the late evenings or early mornings just to blog anymore. I have to be in bed by 10:30/11 with the expectation that I have to wake around 5 AM. Then, the morning comes and I have to help with diapers and packing for the nanny and such. The blog just won't fit.

So, I complain a lot about the time I don't have to record shop, go to shows, hang out with beer nerds, and write blog posts.The complaining never stops. I mean, that's what this whole blog is about, right?

Then, I think of this.

I guess I am doing something. I'm probably doing more than a lot of new dads. And does it really matter?


abby said...

I really appreciate this post because Jerms and I often try to gauge how our lives/habits/days would change with a wee one. It seems like you prioritize social engagements (beer friends) over, what shall I call it, event-attending? Maybe shelling out dough for every nearby concert of interest doesn't feed your soul like engaging with others over drinks and conversation. Or something? Or maybe more broadly we could chart your shifts in cultural consumption per the influence of Lucia, you know, like a sociologist studying the habits of Como's hippest dad. I'm not really sure what I'm saying here, but, yeah. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the blog post that's forthcoming in a few years entitled, "Lucia's first concert."

comoprozac said...

I think you called it, Abby. The only problem is that it's been difficult at times to get together with folks for social engagements. I don't know if it's the fact that most of us are transplants or that R and I sometimes clash with Misery-an values. Meh.

I can't wait for that first concert post.