Thursday, April 09, 2009

I Can't Make It

I am busy for multiple reasons. So, you should attend these shows for me.

Bathtime happens on Saturday at Slacker's and Eastside. Check the bathysphere for details. This might be the event of the year and I'll be out of town, gettin' my Easter on.

Also, The Foundry Field Recordings will be in your town shortly. Go see them. Ask them about Misery. Their new stuff sounds like more Shins and less Death Cab. Buy some merch and get Billy a club soda.

W Apr 15 St. Louis, MO The Firebird
Th Apr 16 Nashville, TN The End
F Apr 17 Atlanta, GA Lennys
Sa Apr 18 Athens, GA Farm 233
Su Apr 19 Chapel Hill, NC The Nightlight
M Apr 20 Washington DC The Red and The Black
Tu Apr 21 New York, NY Cake Shop
W Apr 22 Philadelphia, PA The M Room
Th Apr 23 Brooklyn, NY Union Hall
F Apr 24 New York, NY Pianos
Sa Apr 25 Pittsburgh, PA Brillobox
Su Apr 26 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom
M Apr 27 Columbus, OH Rumba -
Tu Apr 28 Bowl. Green, OH
W Apr 29 Cincinnati, OH Southgate House
Th Apr 30 Madison, WI Café Montmarte
F May 1 Chicago, IL The Hideout
Sa May 2 Urbana, IL Courtyard Café

*Correction! The dates are wrong. Go to for the updated itinerary.

One more thing...Should I get Baby Bangs for Lucia? You know, so that people recognize that she's a girl. Just wonderin'.

Make that two more things...When is someone going to make satirical response to this video?


the[SEARS] said...

The Foundry Dates are wrong....go to for updated dates!

My Name is Bird said...

hey i just started a new blog all about BALD EAGLE it is check it out, hopefully i can keep that more updated than my own blog.