Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TV Loves You Back March: Cable or an iPhone?

I have been debating whether or not it's worth it to shell out almost $60 for cable a month. More importantly, I have been wondering if that money would be better suited in providing service to a as-yet-to-be-purchased iPhone. I've never been a phone guy (I currently use my work phone and pay $8-12 a month for personal calls), but I am a tech guy and someone who is often on the road. An iPhone would fill my need to be constantly connected, always able to update my Twitter feed or read my Google Reader.

When considering where the money would come from to fund a monthly phone bill of $80, cable was the obvious choice. We almost never watch TV. When we do watch, it's something on Hulu or CastTV. The only show I watch regularly is Lost and all those episodes are now online. Netflix supplies my Mad Men needs and I have the entire first season of Flight of the Conchords on my iPod. I used to justify cable just for the sports, but with ESPN360 and CBS's online broadcasts of March Madness ESPN is unneeded. For me, TV is obsolete.

So, some time this month I will cancel the cable in our home. TV, I don't need you anymore. Now give me my iPhone.

TV Love You Back March


Juliet said...

Good choice sir!

KR said...

I LOVE this decision. Can't agree more!