Monday, March 23, 2009

Searching for a Blogging Identity...or Blogdentity

I haven't posted much here lately. It seems I've had trouble coming up with topics and narratives to stick in this here HTML-for-dummies they call Blogger. Sure, I haven't had a lot of free time, but that's nothing new. I've found time to blog in the past. Recently, I have struggled in finding this blog's central focus or identity, a blogdentityTM if you will.

I feel that if I could identify what this blog's about, its main theme, then I could figure out what to write next. I thought long and hard about it over the past week. Two hours of driving for my job today was occupied with this puzzle.

Wordle provided my first clue as to running themes and word choice for lim. At first, I tried to use the blog's URL and feed to create a word cloud, but the results seemed skewed toward my most recent posts. To combat this problem and to provide a more random sampling, I pulled the text from about every 25 posts or so, skipping those that were primarily other media. The results can be seen below.

title="Wordle: random living in misery"> src=""
alt="Wordle: random living in misery"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">

I'm not completely sure what to make of the word cloud above.The words "one", "best", "new", and "album" seem to come up the most. "Misery" comes up about as often as "Oberst". "Ohio" and "Obama" to occur as often. No clear message is revealed. I would say that most of what I write is about great new music, but that doesn't account many for other aspects of my life.

Then I decided to check my Google Analytic numbers. Here is some of what I found...
I charted my blog's traffic from the day that Google Analytics has randomly chosen to archive (August 17, 2008) to the present. The highest peak happened to be the day Lucia was born. Apparently, there were a lot of friends checking the site over and over to see if anything had happened. Beyond that (and one random day last November), my numbers have gone up and down, generally trending in the 70-80 range when I post more often and the 40-50 range when I slack. Of course, today I've hit my lowest since September 27th when I was barely blogging at all.
I looked at the ten most visited pages. The main page with the latest post always ranks first, so I'll skip #1. The number two slot has been held down by the same post ever since I started using Google Analytics: "Contemplating Kenny Chesney's Gayness". Believe it or not, this was actually a post about a concert...a concert I never attended, but a post about a concert nonetheless. Next are posts about being an indie rock dad, hipster Christians, and my snarky take on a best of list in COMO. Aside from a couple of sad posts about a friend who committed suicide, various rants about COMO, and several parenting postings, the most visited pages on the blog overwhelmingly have to do with music.

On a side note, the combination of keywords that comes up the most has to do
with the whole Kenny Chesney post. In fact, "kenny chesney gay" comes up almost twice as much as the next combination, "living in misery".

I don't know what any of this really has to do with lim's blogdentity
TM. It does seem that music comes up the most often. So, maybe that's where I should turn when looking for new content. I did get a new record in the mail. (Guess which one and win a prize.) Maybe I'll post about that.

Either way, thanks for reading and continuing to keep me on your RSS reader despite my lack of production lately. This blog is approaching 500 posts soon. I'd hate to lose any readers because I have writer's block. Look for some new posts really soon.

In the meantime, I'm adding a poll for you to vote on your favorite lim content. It will be near the top right of the page.


Anonymous said...

Want to know what brings in most of my new traffic? A post I wrote about an American Gladiator, Deron McBee.

I'm not going to allow a weird stat spike like that to define the identity of my blog. I may tool it to my advantage.. but I'm not going to blog about American Gladiators or even tv.

PS I did drop you from my RSS since my rss is full of lol cats and crap now. I'm getting your updates on FB and twitter, and that works better for me than digging through dozens of terrified Mac-nerd speculation articles re: the health of Steve Jobs.

comoprozac said...

Thanks for the honesty, Lovey. That means I'll have to keep posting on FB and Twitter.

I just realized that the Wordle thing didn't show. Crap!

Also, I'm really considering making this a "Kenny Chesney gay" blog.

ks said...

That's the same problem I face. I feel as though my blog should have some sort of theme, but I just don't know what mine would be. Plus, I'm spending so much time in discussions with people on Twitter these days. The immediate back-and-forth there is sort of more satisfying than the blog.

That being said, your readers (myself incl.) will still be here whenever you are. No pressure.

Pizza Cottontail said...

If you're looking for more hits, just change your blog's name from "Living in Misery" to "Fisting in Misery." Anytime anyone googles "fisting gay Kenny Chesney" they'll land on your site!

Patric Chocolate said...

I thought that your theme was about living in Misery? That would include any and all things that are relevant to living here, whether they be music-related or anything else. No need to pigeon-hole yourself unless you want to. Or actually, Lovey gave me an idea. Maybe YOU should start writing about American Gladiators.

Pizza Cottontail said...

I agree w/ Patric C.: themes are good and all, but don't limit yourself too much unless you really want to. If you limit yourself against your wishes, you'll get bored quickly.