Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Reason #3 Why I Live in Misery: What's up with this weather?

I realize that many places are experiencing stranger-than-normal weather patterns. It's 50 one day and snowing the next. Global warming sucks. I get it, Al Gore.

I'm complaining because this is a regular occurrence here in Misery. Some people like that we have all the seasons here. I don't like that we have all four each week.

A typical pattern for a week is a steady increase from say the 20's to the upper 50's over the course of four or five days. Then, we hit a high of like 60 by noon and the temperature would drop from there. By dinner, it would be 20 with a howling wind.

Now there's this week. Today there was a low of 6 degrees. 6. By Saturday, it will be 61. That's just silly.

I hate that you can have no idea what temperature it will be from day to day, unless it's summer. Then the temperature lingers in the 90's, making it impossible to go outside.

So, reason #3 why I live in Misery is the roller coaster weather.

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