Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There's noting to do in COMO this winter.

Sorry for the hyperbole, but there is actually very little going on. What is going on can be found in the lines below.

On Friday, tickets go on sale for Handsome Furs who will play Mojo's on St. Patrick's Day. Be sure to wear green that night, but only if you're being ironic. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a ticket, because this might be the only show I attend all winter.

Of course, there are other shows. I'm just not super thrilled about any of them. I already am missing Colourmusic tonight at Mojo's. They might be the loudest band I've ever heard. I may have to miss the January 22 show with Cursive, Ladyfinger, and Bald Eagle, but I'm working one it. On January 28th, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin will make their semi-annual trip to COMO. Then, Tapes 'n Tapes will make their third appearance here since I moved to mid-Misery on February 3rd. I might be too busy that week to make it out. And that's about it for Mojo's until that Handsome Furs show (unless there's some band on the schedule that I have not read about in Pitchfork yet).

The Blue Note pretty much has nothing.

The Ragtag almost has less. They are showing Milk and Slumdog Millionaire for the entire month of January. I've already seen both. They were good films. The people at the 'Tag must be busy planning some big event. More on that below.

I have a beer tasting on Monday. It's been a while since I've attended one of these. We will be sampling barley wines and old ales (plus several home brews), so the number of beers to get in has been halved due to the brew's abnormally high ABV. I'm not sure that the Great Divide Old Ruffian I'm bringing will be the most exotic beer ever tasted, but it is a solid beer that can be bought locally. I'll bet at least one person in the group has not tried it before. I did offer to take a '07 Schlafly Reserve Barley Wine, but the group sampled some the previous month and thought I should continue to cellar it.

There might be a birthday party at my humble abode as R and I are both set to hit the big 3-4. We realize that it's not all that monumental of a birthday, but we have to do something to spice up the winter. BTW-R is two days.

Thankfully, the end of February will bring another True/False Film Festival. I have said it before: This festival is the best thing about living here. I'm not kidding. The home-grown documentary film festival is overwhelmingly eventful and affirming. Filmmakers, studios, doc bloggers, musicians, etc. descend upon our fair city and inject a ton of flavor into the community. R and I have our passes and are waiting for the schedule to be announced so that we can start planning the weekend. This is such a big deal that my mom is coming into to town to watch Lucia, while friends who moved to Lincoln, NE a few years back return to sleep on our futon and get their doc fill for the year. My hope is that our friends David and Ashley get their film Invisible Girlfriend accepted to the fest. We'll see. I've got my fingers crossed.

And that's about it. I probably don't have time to do anything else anyway with work and school and a baby. Oh well. I don't call it Misery for nothing.

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