Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Beer I Drank Today: The Beast Grand Cru

The beer I drank Today: Avery's The Beast Grand Cru

Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Color: red, like leaves in the fall

light, tan foaming

Aroma: fruit, hops, caramel, alcohol

Flavor: bourbon, sweet fruitiness, hops for balance

Context: I've been wanting t drink this beer for a while. It just occurred to me this evening to give it a try. I've been worried someone might drink it thinking that it's just another 12 oz. bottle. I sipped as Lu and I hung out. The beer was gone by halftime of the Florida/Oklahoma game.

Would I recommend this beer to you? Yes. Despite the price ($7+), the complexity of flavors and alcohol (16% ABV) made this a super enjoyable drink. I may have to buy two more since R actually liked this beer.

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