Monday, December 15, 2008

The Beer I Drank Today: He'Brew Jewbelation/Santa's Private Reserve Ale

Actually, I drank these beers last night, not today. And they are two, not one.

The beer I drank today: He'Brew's Jewbelation

American Brown Ale

Color: deep, dark brown

fizzy, medium head with spotty lacing

Aroma: dates, bitter chocolate, alcohol

Flavor: hops, alcohol, caramel

Context: The annual holiday/Christmas party held in the only Jewish home on our block happened last night. It's an interesting affair. Traditionally, it's a Christmas party. Then, a few years back, the aforementioned Jewish household volunteered to host the neighborhood party when no one else could. Ever since, the cul-de-sac has celebrated Christmas in this home. This was our second time to enjoy this party. My last time over at the house, I brought some fine beer and knew I couldn't show up empty-handed. This beer was a hit.

Would I recommend this beer to you?: Yes. I think I liked the hoppiness of last year's batch more than this year's version, but this is a quality, alcohol-y beer
and I'll drink the other one sitting in my stash in the days to come.

The beer I drank today: Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Ale

American Amber

Color: dark, dark red

sort of flat, not much lacing

Aroma: If the word "piny" was ever used to describe the aroma of a beer, this is the one. It's almost too piny.

Flavor: I like bitter, but this beer may have tested my limits. The bitterness is not overwhelming, but it is not balanced with caramel or raisin or some other sweet flavor.

Context: This beer followed up the Jewbelation and was a bit overshadowed. I was the only one drinking it. I believe I was drinking my share of the beer when two little girls somehow managed to lock themselves in the room with all the coats, so we had some extra time to hang out.

Would I recommend this beer to you?: Depends. This beer makes a great gift or holiday favor with its bright label featuring Santa Clause. I still have another bomber in my stash and will still drink it. It may also need to be paired with something besides random cookies and party treats. In other words, I have to give the benefit of the doubt since it is a Rogue.

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Zak said...

Hey there. It's Zak from Shmaltz again. Glad to see that Chanukah could be represented at your Christmas party. Hope you have a great one.