Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Beer I Drank Today: Christmas Ale/Special Edition Imperial IPA

The beer I drank today: Schlafly Christmas Ale

Herbed/Spiced Ale

Color: brownish copper

great tan head, spotty lacing

Aroma: orange, spice

Flavor: It tastes like Christmas.

Context: We had yet another holiday party to attend. I didn't want to bring bombers that would just go to waste, so I bought two sixers that I combined into one. This was my first choice. For some reason, Anchor Steam's Christmas Ale has not made its way to COMO yet. I finally grew tired of waiting and bought this beer to hold me over.

Would I recommend this beer to you? Yes. I generally like Schlafly beers anyway, but this is a great seasonal beer. It rivals even my usual favorite form Anchor Steam. This beer is actually very similar to Schlafly's pumpkin ale in that it captures the style perfectly, gives you a little kick (8% ABV), and doesn't overwhelm with gimmicks.

The beer I drank today:
Mendocino Special Edition Imperial IPA

Imperial IPA

Color: typical copperish IPA hue

foamy head, spotty lacing

Aroma: hops, pine

Flavor: Besides the obvious hoppiness, grapefruit really came to mind as I drank this beer. It's so grapefruity that it could be the Fresca of beers.

Context: This was the other half of the mixed sixer I brought to the aforementioned party. I mainly bought it because it's a double IPA from California for only nine bucks. You can't beat that price.

Would I recommend this beer to you? Yes. If ever there was a double IPA that could fill the need for a session beer, this is the one. You get all the great hoppiness and bitterness of a west coast IPA without the aftertaste that still lingers the next morning.

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