Tuesday, December 09, 2008

#21 of 2008: Sun Kil Moon - April

Thirty-Two Words: Slowcore works best when you have a voice like Mark Kozelek...or the collective voices of Low's Sparhawk and Parker. Kozelek's slow, quiet groove is the perfect cure for a long work day.

The Moment of Truth: A ride home from a long day of work was made easier thanks to April.

Killer to Filler Ratio: 7:4


GE said...

Thanks, CP. Another one I was woefully ignornat of. FYI: It's Sun Kil Moon.

-Your fact checking cuz

comoprozac said...

Thanks. Interesting that you made that reference on the same day that Brighten the Corners is re-issued.

GE said...

oh yeah. do you have it yet?

comoprozac said...

No. It's supposed to arrive in the mail either today or tomorrow.

Juliet said...

Your list serves as a big help -- I have to do my Best of 08 radio show here in a few weeks and I'm always worried that I'm going to forget something that I really liked.

Your list serves as a good double check for my own. :-)

comoprozac said...

Sweet. Feel free to direct your listeners my way.

BTW-Dave Doughman visited one of my other blogs not too long ago. You should check it out here.

Juliet said...

I'll definitely point my listeners your way.

Funny part about that Swearing at Motorist story: I was there too. That's really awesome that Dave commented on your blog. He's a great guy