Saturday, December 13, 2008

#18 of 2008: Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue

Thirty-Two Words: Emotion is more important than skill, but Plants and Animals bring both. I'm good with this album except for the few jam-band moments. H/T for all those who mentioned this at mid-year.

The Moment of Truth: The second part of "New Kind of Love" (at about the 3:30 mark) just nailed it for me. Nailed it.

Killer to Filler Ratio: 9:2


ks said...

I agree, it does have a couple of "Rusted Root" moments, but good nonetheless.

Pizza Cottontail said...

Woo Plants and Animals! One of my faves of the year.

The biggest drawback of moving is that out here, if it's music, it's jam-bandish. I like P 'n A because they provide common ground with the unkempt hacky-sack crowd.