Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama at Mizzou

OK. So, I didn't actually see Barack Obama last night, but I certainly could hear him. Let me explain...

We met friends at Shakespeare's for some pizza (and beer, thanks Joe). Since two of us were babies, we opted to watch the happenings from the Jesse Hall steps. Even if we couldn't get past the ridiculously long lines to see Obama, we would at least be able to hear him speak.

Then something strange happened. The security just started letting everyone through. We saw our chance and walked in. It wasn't long before we hit a wall of people. There was no seeing the stage, so we shifted back a bit to watch the giant projection screen.

A little before his scheduled time of 9:30, Obama arrived. He pronounced the state's name as "Missou-rah" which made people go crazy. Obama gave a 30-40 minute speech, using all his regular talking points and one-liners. It was sort of like a rock concert. You had heard it all before, but there was something different in seeing it live.

Apparently, Obama will be back in Misery this Saturday with a visit to Springfield. This state is becoming hotly contested. The polls are very close. It goes back and forth every day. While some envy us for getting all this political attention, don't. All it really means is that after two years of campaigning, the people of Misery have still not made up their minds. The candidates have to come to us. They don't call it the "Show Me State" for nothing.

Here's a really bad video to prove I was there last night. Ignore the lame "political" commentary.

Obama at Mizzou from comoprozac on Vimeo.

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jason said...

Yeah, I thin it's all about the rock concert effect. It's better live even if you can't see very well. I lucked out that I went to see him in a stadium so I actually got a pretty good view, though. But, really what was so exciting was being among 10,000 screaming fans in dayton of all places.