Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Broken Social Scene

Friday night is Broken Social Scene's night in COMO. We may or may not attend. There are tickets waiting for us at the door, but we have a needy baby at home. Even with a grandparent in town, we may not be able to go.

Either way, I have a list of ten songs I'd like to hear at the Note tomorrow night.

"7/4 Shorline"
This is one of those tracks that has an unmistakable opening. It could be a good way to warm the crowd up from the beginning.

9."I'm Still Your Fag"
I mostly just want to hear the frat boys sing along with the chorus.

"Fire Eye'd Boy"
We will need some rockers to carry the night. This song should fill that need.

7. "Lover's Spit"
This song actually made it onto our wedding CD. It would be nice to hear again.

6. "Cause = Time"
And not the other way around. That would be a terrible misstep.

5. "Almost Crimes"
If Feist showed up to sing this, it would easily be bumped up to #1.

4. "Stars and Sons"
You ever have a song whose groove is so infectious that you play the shit out of it every time you turn on your stereo. This song did that to me in the summer of 2003.

3. "Backed Out On The..."
This song is a good old fashioned bar band sing-along a la Wilco or some other cheesy alt-rock heroes. Just watch the video. You'll understand.

2. "Major Label Debut (Fast)"
If they played the album version, which is slow, I'd bump this a coupl of slots back. Otherwise, it's a great song.

1. "It's All Gonna Break"
There is only song that BSS should play as their closer and this is the one. In fact, they shouldn't even play an encore if they end with this song. If they do play an encore, then they should play "It's All Gonna Break" a second time. No other song should end a Broken Social Scene set as far as I'm concerned.

There are plenty of other BSS songs I'd like to hear Friday. Actually, I'd be happy to catch any of this show. We'll see.

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GE said...

I hope you make it. I know how it is....

Also, thanks for this list of BSS songs. I think I mentioned on my blog, I'm not as familiar with their stuff as I should be and I'm going to go and make myself at little playlist using your 10 right now.

How is the little girl anyway?