Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dude's Night Out

Dude's Night Out doesn't begin tonight. If it did, I would surely have headed out to this "soft opening" (more on that later). No, R and the kid head out tomorrow for a wedding in Detroit, leaving me here, alone in COMO, forced to fend for myself.

I love my partner and daughter, but everybody needs some time alone. I still have two days of work to go this week, but the weekend is mine. I should take advantage of it whenever I get a chance to hit the town.

There will be room in my weekend for the Tin Can Tavern and Grille for sure. I am normally a beer snob, but I am intrigued by a joint that specializes in canned beer over all others. I hear they have good bar food as well. If you see me at the Tin Can and mention the blog, I'll buy you PBR (assuming that you're of legal age).

I'll have to pick my time to hit the Tin Can carefully, as this is homecoming weekend. If you know anything about Misery, you know that MU's homecoming celebration is the nation's oldest (along with Illinois). So, I will have to tread lightly through a sea of paraders, drunk college kids, and drunk alumni in order to find some enjoyment this weekend.
I am considering a film at the 'Tag. Bill Maher's Religulous is playing all weekend. Growing up in an household of atheists and agnostics helped me to see many of the hypocrisies in organized religion. Maher just makes the hypocrisy seem funny. Trouble the Water, yet another Katrina doc, is also showing as is Baghead, a sort of Blair Witch meets meets There's Something About Mary meets The Big Chill or something like that. Of course, there's always more mainstream fair like W. or Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

I could always head out for some live music this weekend. There's nothing in town that rivals last weekend's Broken Social Scene gig, but there has to be something. I passed up on a chance to play hoops with Of Montreal in STL because I have to work. I still could have gone to their show at the Pageant, but I just don't have the time or energy at the moment.

The other possibility for live music is KCOU's birthday bash at Mojo's. Mizzou's student radio station has come upon some tough times. It seems their radio tower is atop a dorm set to be demolished in the near future. The legislature turned down an emergency spending bill to save the station. I don't really know what the station's status is anymore. The only thing I can say is that KCOU is one of the best things about living here. Sure, it's a bunch of kids telling me what I should to listen to, but they are right more than they are wrong. My hope is that it was a silly bureaucratic scare and the station will be around for many years to come. Either way, go to for more info.

Oh, I almost forgot to plug the music. It seems there are two cover bands set to play the evening. HalloWEEZER is supposed to be a spot-on impersonator of Blue-era Weezer. Gold Soundz is a tribute to Pavement. My bet is that they suck, but it might be fun anyway.

There's nothing at the Note until next week's Stephen Malkmus-Ted Leo-Wolf Parade trifecta. I may only get to see one of those. Tickets to see SM are in my possession. I'm still working on seeing Wolf Parade.

There is also a little football game on this Saturday. Ohio State tries to prove that they can win a big game again by welcoming the Penn State Nittany Lions to the 'Shoe. It will be "Scarlet Fever" night as the entirity of the 108,000 or so Buckeye fans have been encouraged to wear red. Oh, and Mizzou will try not to lose three-in-a-row when they host Colorado.

There are a few beers to consume along the way. I'm working through the Bear Republic line-up. BR makes an affordable yet surprisingly tasty set of beers. The Hop Rod is, well, hoppy. I enjoyed that for the second time this past weekend. Next up is the Red Rocket Ale. Also on the docket is the Great Divide Hercules Double IPA in a new bottle. I will also be on the lookout for some new brews out of Bells and possibly the Oktoberfest over at Flat Branch. I have to say that Flat Branch's American Pale Ale is one of the better beers they've made in a while.

Besides paying a neighbor kid to help me rake some leaves (we have a lot of trees), that's about it for my dude's night out weekend extravaganza. I know you were expecting something like this...

After R and Lucia return from Detroit, we'll attend a beer dinner at a wine joint. I'll have more to post in the days and weeks to come.


Kate said...

I vote for Nick & Norah. It's certainly not the best movie I've ever seen but it made me nostalgic for my high school years of seeing shows and not wanting to drink at those shows. It was just about having some good, semi-clean teenage fun.

KR said...

I saw Religulous---not bad, a little long. I'm waiting and wanting to see W.

Sounds like you have a lot of recreational planning ahead of you. Have fun!

erik said...

where did you find that bonfire photo?

comoprozac said...

I did a Google search for "Missouri homecoming" and up it popped.