Monday, September 01, 2008

Wha? Part 3: It only gets better

I think many a left-leaning (and some to the right) agree that Sarah Palin is not the best choice for VP. She has little or no experience and was swftly vetted by McCain's committee. There are also stories of controversy in her state and of dealings with oil companies. Whatever.

However, I was truly shocked when South Decola uncovered this little tidbit from Daily Kos: Sarah Palin is the grandmother, not mother of her fourth child. I thought it was ridunculous as well, but read the Daily Kos article.

This hastily-chosen VP candidate is only the tip of the iceberg this RNC week. The Republicans planned a covention beginning on Labor Day, a day that many union workers would be required to work. It comes three years after the Katrina debacle, which they are shamelessly demonstrating that they now know how to handle such a situation.

Could this party be anymore out of touch? Can anyone really, in all honesty find a reason that they should continue to be in charge?

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ks said...

Apparently, he only started "vetting" her AFTER he picked her. Huffington Post and Daily Kos have more on that.
Unbelievable. Just what we impetuous finger on the big red button.