Monday, September 08, 2008

Waiting Sorta Sucks

Cletus the Fetus seems to like his/her home in R's womb.

We have tried everything to get him/her to come out. And I mean everything. For me, it basically means that I will get a couple weeks off work, a chance to help care for a crying/eating/shitting being, and, most importantly, earn the title "Pops."

For R, it means so much more. I just wish for her sake that our baby joins us on the outside and soon. She's had it for some time, and I can't say that I blame her.

Pregnancy kinda sucks. Waiting at the end of pregnancy kinda sucks.

Everybody should send good vibes...via Gmail or in the comments or with a witty greeting card from Hallmark. We can use all the good vibes we can get.

In the meantime, keep in mind that McSame got a bump in the polls and now leads Obama. After Ohio State loses to USC, my football season will be over...until we beat Michigan by four touchdowns. The only thing that can save us now is Cletus' arrival.


Sarah said...

2/3 of my pregnancies were late, and it really does suck. No amount of walking or spicy foods or anything else made it happen any faster, either, so I sympathize. Right now and for the rest of the day, I shall be sending good vibes your way. I hope we see Cletus very soon. Like, by the end of the day. Good luck :)
(Then again, maybe Baby knows about McCain's lead and is afraid to come out. It is pretty terrifying.)

abby said...

cletus! show yourself!

ks said...

We're sending loads of good thoughts your way from GA! I really thought you'd have a labor day on Labor Day, but I guess Cletus felt that would be too "cutesy." Kudos to Cletus for being cooler than I am already.

Don't fear the polls -- convention bounce. Do fear Palin. But keep your eyes on the prize & have faith.

As for OSU -- as much as I am apathetic to the Buckeyes -- I do know what it's like to get your hopes up & then dashed by a football team. Stand by them no matter what happens during the season; it'll make you an even better fan.

KR said...

God I hate to throw Western medicine a bone this morning, but I don't think you've tried EVERYTHING until you've just gone in to get induced. Do you have a stop date in mind when you will have to go back to the doctor and talk that over?

HOWEVER, I hate the idea of that. Natural birth is natural for a reason.

What I actually wanted to tell you was:

My boss just had a daughter a month ago. She was a couple of weeks late, too, and my boss, being a first time dad was getting worried.

But he did a lot of reading and learned that the last thing to develop in a baby in utero is the brain! So just think, your little tunkin is just taking time to grow his/her brain. The kid's going to be the smartest in the class!

Stay strong

jason said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way!

Mom said...

Tell Chuck/Cletus I'm ready to be a grandma and hurry up!