Monday, September 29, 2008


Finally, I am going to publish a blog post. (That's a picture of me working on this one.) Of course, we are expecting yet another wonderful meal from friends, and a R's colleague is hanging out to help with Lucia. Whatever. I finally have an opportunity to publish.

So, I will now attempt to frantically write summaries of all the other blog posts I've tried to get out there in this one post.

Indecision '08
Obama did what he needed to do in Friday's debate. He went toe-to-toe with McCain and demonstrated that there is substance behind his words. McCain would claim that Obama w
as going to raise taxes and that he didn't understand while never looking his opponent in the eye. Obama fought back. He directed his message at McCain and to the camera. He set the record straight on his plan for tax cuts for 95% of us. The best part is that he pushed McCain around on defense. Who saw that coming? Some of the talking heads felt McCain won on points, but I'd like to know what those points are. By my count, Obama is winning by 4-8 the polls.

Did anyone see Tina Fey rip Sarah Palin a new one for the second straight week on SNL? The difference this time around was that Fey used Palin's words almost verbatim from her interview with Katie Couric. If it wasn't clear before, it certainly is clear now. Sarah Palin is way over her head. I can't wait for the VP debate on Thursday.

Misery (the state of things, not the state in which I live)
After news of the $700 billion bailout of US banks hit, my parents receive
d one of those chain emails that any emailer over 50 seems to get ad nauseum. This one claimed that if the government gave that seven billion to every American adult, we would each receive $400,000. Now, I haven't taken the time to figure out the math, but it does bring up a good idea. Why doesn't the government bail out responsible homeowners instead of the irresponsible home loan industry? They could even give some money to responsible homeowners for home improvements, helping the economy through an increase in building, and generating more tax revenue. Why does our government jump at the idea to give handouts to corporations whenever they screw up, but socialized medicine, free college education, and more subsidized housing for the people is a bad idea?

(BTW-The cartoonist below is my neighbor, but he doesn't know that I'm using this cartoon.)

Sunday (actually, Monday) Morning (actually, evening) Quarterback
This weekend of college football looked like last season with all the major upsets. If anything, it proves that all the so-called experts don't know anything about college football. What it also means that if this keeps up, Ohio State can still sneak its way back up the rankings. Personally, I don't want them to make the championship game again. I'd like to see them dominate their conference, finishing #3 in the nation. Then, they could either get their revenge on USC or beat a team like Cal or Oregon. The reason they can still do this is that they have regained their best player in Beanie Wells and have seen the future and it's Terrelle Pryor. With Wells and Pryor in the backfield, I'm not sure any defense will stop this team.

I talked about it over the summer and it still hasn't happened, but soon it will. ComoMusic is going to switch over from a community cluster-f*** to a Pitchfork/Brooklyn Vegan-like music site here in central Misery. In the meantime, I have been reviewing records for the site. All those reviews I used to write here will soon be available at ComoMusic.

Let me summarize...

I love the albums by the Walkmen, Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Okkervil River, Kimya Dawson, and Calexico. The Uglysuit was OK. As far as records that did very little for me, check Jenny Lewis. I also wrote my first review of a hip hop album...which sucked. Stay tuned. I'll let you know when those full reviews are available.

I have some plans to sneak out of the house for Broken Social Scene and Stephen Malkmus. I most likely will not make it to STL for Bob Pollard or to the Note to see Wolf Parade, but I'm working on it. We'll see.

I am looking forward to TV on the Radio and Cold War Kids arriving in the mail. I thought I
would get them early, but no such luck.

The kid is now 18 days old. We love her a whole lot. That's for sure. She's actually pretty cute, which we were prepared for her not to be cute. You know how there are a lot of ugly babies out there? We didn't expect much, but she turned out great. She sleeps 3-4 hour stints every night, so for what else could we ask?

Hopefully, I will get back to some full-fledged lim for you all in the very near future.


Sarah said...

Hello! First, I love that shirt...that is a seriously great shirt. Second, what else can I ever add to your political posts other than that I agree completely? Well put, as always. Third, that Jenny Lewis was some dull stuff, that's for sure. And finally: Wow, what a really pretty little girl you have! She's adorable. And I love her little shoes. Babies have such neat stuff, and they can't even appreciate it...or maybe they do. Glad you all are doing well!

Ashley said...

So I read your post like this..."Blah blah, hehe, yeah Tina Fey is funny...blah blah, where's th- AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW there she is! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW look at those shoes!" Etc. etc.

To summarize: more baby plz, kthxbai.


Mom said...

The cutest picture of Lucia yet!

comoprozac said...

That t-shirt is an Okkerville River shirt from their tour with New Pornos.

I have to post periodically on the politic b/c R gets tired of listening to me rant. I need an outlet

Yes, she is rather beautiful.

GE said...

Sounds like she sleeps as much as our 6 month old. Nice work!