Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fall Preview

Upon reading my Google Reader today, I realized that recent posts on this blog have ignored the local music scene and have neglected this place in which I live in order for me to get on my soapbox or remind you that I'll be a dad shortly. But most importantly, I haven't written any lists in a while.

There's a lot to do this fall in COMO. I won't have time for much of it, but there is still a lot to do. So, here's my list of top 10 events this fall. 

I mostly found this event last year to be a major annoyance. The streets were overwhelmed with people. The stage was idiotically placed at th
e top of the hill on 8th Street, looking down from Broadway, instead of the more ideal and time-tested location on 9th. There was no use ge
tting in line for the BBQ. The lines were too long. Additionally, beer was hard to come by and usually swill (read "Budweiser"). If they fix half of these problems, the fest might be worth attending this year.

On October 17th, my father-in-law will travel all the way from Pittsburgh to babysit just so that R and I can head over to the Note and see a 23-piece rock supergroup from
 Toronto, better known as Feist's old band. Land of Talk opens.

The 'Tag features yet another edition of their Passport Series in which the little indie theater that could presents quality flicks from around the globe. The screenings include complimentary drinks that relate to the film and a "tour guide" to the locales and issues
 portrayed. Get out of COMO for two hours in the friendly confines of the Ragtag Theater. Most likely we'll miss most of these, but I get tired of 

My hero (and crush) Stephen Malkmus visits COMO with his Jicks in order to rock your socks off. I have a ticket for this one, but it may cause me to miss #5. Either way, I'll see SM and Janet Weiss on the skins with Blitzen Trapper opening.

6. Columbia Beer Enthusiasts Beer Tastings
This is one of those events from which I may have to take a sabbatical. We've had three great beer tastings. Our numbers grow each time. The next tasting is on September 22 with Scotch, brown, and amber ales as the featured brews. More than likely, there will be another in October, November, and so on.

I rated this show so high because I might not be able to attend. I have yet to see Wolf Parade live but have longed to catch their act since Apologies to the Que
en Mary was released the year we moved here. From videos I've seen online, they certainly put on a great show. Wish me luck as I try to negotiate a way out of the house to see Wolf Parade on November 7th at the Note.
4. College Football
Everyone in COMO is drinking the Mizzou Koolaid ever since the Tigers put together a 12-win season last year and started off this year with a win over a top-25 team from Illinois. Plus, last year was one of the craziest CFB seasons ever. Who knows what will happen this year? Of course, I'll be paying more attention to Beanie's toe than any of the 70+ points Mizzou scores this weekend. You all should join me and watch the game of the year next week in LA when The Ohio State University travels to LA to take on the USC Trojans.

3. The End of Twilight Fest
I never liked this festival or street fair or whatever it is. Mostly, stores stay open late and streets are overcrowded, blindly meandering through the District (of Columbia). I'm glad to see this "event" come to an end. The Note's Summer Stage will fill the soon as they get better acts than Johnny Lang and Cracker. (To be fair, I've seen Wilco twice at this event and Death Cab for Cutie played in the spring.)

Barack Obama and John McCain face off for the chance to clean up George W Bush's eight year mess. Despite the soap opera that is Sarah Palin's life, the vice-presidential candidates are actually quite boring. Whoever wins, hopefully there will be a change in how our government works and is perceived throughout the world. At least Jon Stewart will keep us all informed throughout. I won't miss this no matter how many children we birth this fall and neither should you.

1. The (eventual) Arrival of comoprozac Jr.
Yes, we're still waiting. The kid is now officially late, which is ironic since my last name is Early (no joke). We wait and try various strategies to move this birth along, but all we end up doing is waiting. Of course, I will be certain to let you all know once little Bristol or Levi arrives...I kid, I kid.

Enjoy your autumn.

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Pizza Cottontail said...

Re: Roots 'n Blues 'n BBQ. Too many 'n's. Too many accountants pretending they're workin' class.

Re: Twilight fest: I always thought that was the stupidest part of Columbia. Even more than Darwin Hindman, who's really stupid. I like Cracker, though. Or used to, back in 1994.