Friday, September 05, 2008

Community Organizer #1


Sarah said...

Hello...I haven't commented much lately because I was in Kentucky with my grandparents, where the internet doesn't exist. Tell your wife thanks for not having that baby yet--I sure would hate to mis that :)
Thank you for all your recent posts. I'm just in awe over the reaction to this week's convention (the fact that anyone on the planet thought that any of it was a good thing just stuns and saddens me), so it's always a perk-up to read your well-written response to it.
I think I read this on Daily Kos: Jesus Christ: Community Organizer. Pontius Pilate: Governor.

Nathan said...

Saw this on your "Posts I'm not ashamed of"....

Excellent photo list.

Hopefully we won't hear such ridiculous comments again as those that initiated the "community organizer" fiasco....from Sarah Palin or anyone else.