Monday, September 01, 2008

And We Wait

The worst part of pregnancy (for the non-birthing partner) is waiting. Besides the 9+ months of gestating, I'm talking about those hints of contractions associated with early labor that have you on edge. And it doesn't help that the due date is now less than ten hours away.

Early labor set in sometime Thursday night/Friday morning. There was a storm that caused the power to go out. R felt contractions through the night. Neither of us could sleep. We both felt something was happening.

However, there was no mucus plug or ruptured membrane, hence no baby.

These light, erratic contractions continued through the weekend. As of today, R is still carrying Cletus.

Probably the worst part is that we have nearly completed every project we can think of while waiting around this weekend. R's now talking about painting rooms. There's not a lot left to do around here right now.

There's nothing to do in this town for those about to give birth either. There's no museum. There's only one downtown, and most of the stores are closed due to the holiday. A movie might be in our near future, but that's only 90 minutes of the day.

On top of it all, R's getting tired of me. I've informed her of all the latest Sarah Palin, hurricane, and blogosphere news of the day, including my opinion on all of it. She's sort of tied of my current event analysis. I can't say that I blame her. All she wants to do is unload 7-8 pounds of baby and get on with it.

So, we wait. I still think this is the week, but nothing's happening right now. Stay tuned.

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KR said...

Stay strong, R.