Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stupid Pudits (and some Hillary supporters)

Honestly, I haven't watched any of the DNC. I find politicians (regardless of party) to be phony. If I'm going to vote for a candidate, I don't want to hear them speak. They're liable to say something lame that only panders to the ignorant and intolerant. I can gather all the information I need by studying their websites and propaganda...oh, and their political party.

I admit it that I will never vote for a Republican until they separate themselves from crazy, right-winged Christian fundamentalism. But I digress.

I have stated many times that I'm an Obama supporter. Unlike most politicians, he has inspired me with his speeches. Even though he seems to be moving his positions closer to the political middle, he's still way better than McSame.

There are two troubling developments I've been watching over the past few weeks and especially during this week's DNC.

The first has to do with stupid Hillary supporters who refuse to support Obama. I'm not saying all Clinton backers are stupid, just the ones who can't put their pettiness aside to support our country's best shot at a competent and righteous leader. Hillary supporters seem to forget the past eight years of war, a sinking economy, and the slow deterioration of our civil rights. This doesn't even mention the havoc John McCain will wreak all over a woman's right to choose. Isn't that the biggest reason to support Hillary? Because she's a woman who will protect women's rights?

Any Hillary supporter who turns to McCain is either an idiot, racist, or some combination of the two.

I would have undoubtedly supported Hillary Clinton had she won the nomination. In fact, I have always felt that a Hillary ticket with Obama as the VP to be unbeatable. However, that's not what happened. Sorry.

The fact is that Obama won the nomination fair and square. Case closed. I wanted Kucinich or Edwards four years ago, but we got Kerry instead. That didn't change my vote for the Dems.

So you're still pissed that African-American men were able to vote before women. I get that. I understand the resentment, but come on. Voting for McCain is no way to show your support for Hillary.

Besides, both Clintons very clearly came out in support of Barack Obama. There was no doubt that they were able to put aside their disappointment. However, if you believe the talking heads on cable TV, they weren't convincing enough.

Really? The Clintons came off as ambiguous? I could go on and on about my feelings toward cable TV pundits and their need to stir up controversy in order to improve their ratings. Instead, I'll let you be the judge. Do the Clintons make their support for Obama clear to you?

In other presidential campaign news...

Cindy McCain is not a very nice person. I won't go so far to use the C-word in describing her (like her husband did), but she kinda comes off as a jerk in this piece.

Plus, this might be the most racist thing I've read in a while.


comoprozac said...

Apparently, you cannot accidentally reject a comment and then take it back. I did this to a well-put comment by ks. Let me post here for her. (Sorry.)

C-SPAN, C-SPAN, C-SPAN! I've watched every night of the convention (tuning out on a few boring speeches --e.g., Mark Warner = SNOOZE!), and it's all been on C-SPAN. There are no commentators -- I mean blowhards -- or inane focus on the one or two Clinton-denial-headcases. (e.g., the focus on Ms. Anne Price from MD after Hilary's speech on CNN)

Both Clintons' speeches were good....Bill's, I would go so far to say, was excellent.

John Kerry's speech was actually EXCELLENT (although CNN apparently cut to commercial in the middle of it....see what I mean? C-SPAN all the way!).

Last night I thought Richardson and Gore both BROUGHT IT. Finally, someone mentioned the administration's use and embrace of torture. I waited all week for someone to bring that up.

Conventions are usually full of party fluff, speakers who like to hear themselves talk (see Mark Warner, above), and political pundits who parse words & blow hot air. However, what Obama's campaign & the DNC did last night, by taking the convention to the people -- WE THE PEOPLE -- was genius. Sheer genius. And awe-inspiring, hopeful and inspirational at that.

KR said...

Your racist link? I couldn't even get past the second paragraph. What a... piece of.. I can't even put words together. But I went ahead and finished the "article" anyway. Wow.

Craig R. Smith can go directly to the deepest circle of hell, reserved for only those people who won't accept that skin color isn't genetically linked to behavior. That all people are equals. That don't possess the intellectual depth to correctly analyze and make conclusions about our fellow human beings.

Agh, so pissed.

a.b.y / ヨッシー said...

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Juliet said...

I heard that Cindy McCain thing on NPR whenever it first aired, and I've got to say, I was pretty shock and appalled.

She already gives me this freaky Stepford Wife-esque vibe, and that story really did nothing to improve my opinion of her.