Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden for VP?

About 23 minutes ago, The New York Times reported that Joseph Biden is Obama's running mate.

Where was my email? I never got the email.

Oh well.

What do you think about this? I'm undecided right now.


Sarah said...

My first response is that it's a solid choice, and I can understand why he was chosen. (Biden's years of experience, his work on the judiciary and foreign relations committees, his work for women's causes and education, blue collar appeal, and as a Catholic can hopefully win over some undecided Catholics.) However, it's not going to be without its problems (initial support of Iragi invasion (like almost everyone else though) and, umm, his mouth). I don't expect it to work any kind of magic and open Obama's lead back up, unfortunately. The people who respect Biden are the people who would vote Democrat anyway. (My mom and grandma are serious Biden fans. I expect they'll be pleased by this, which is good, because they were rabid Hillary supporters who still aren't excited by O. Hopefully they aren't the only ones like this.)
It's a good ticket, and I hope it's a winning ticket. After 2 Bush terms, I just don't know what Americans are going to do anymore.
I think one good point is both Obama and Biden are tough and not afraid to respond to negative attacks and ads. It needs to be done to win.
I'll be more than happy to vote for them. Two or three times :)

ATR said...

I agree with Sarah. Perhaps the best thing about Biden is that, in many ways, he is the complement to Obama. They are both relatively liberal, but, the outward aspects of Biden, experienced, foreign affairs veteran, older, white (it has to be said) answer to many of the stated and unstated "negatives" thrown Obama's way. I have always been a pretty big fan of Biden's (without Obama, and after Kucinich, Biden would be my candidate). I think it's a winner, and Biden definitely came out swinging.

Sarah said...

Iraqi. Sorry, I get all opinionated and carried away and start making up words.
Also: Am feeling even more upbeat about this today than yesterday. The choice seems to be going over well so far, and McCain's had a bad week, so hopefully there'll be a numbers bump, followed by a well-done convention. And a baby for you all.
Huzzah! :)

Pizza Cottontail said...

I like Joe Biden. His assessment of Rudy G.'s campaign strategy--every sentence containing a "noun, a verb, and 9/11"--still makes me laugh.

Also, the pundits are saying that by picking Biden, McCain might be forced into picking Mitt Romney, who I have a mancrush on, except for his religion, which somehow manages to be stupider than Scientology.

I would've prefered Ralph Nader, which would have given my stupid 2000 vote a little bit of mainstream acceptance.

ks said...

This is a hilarious comparison between Biden and Cheney (ala the "Daily Show").
Is Joe Biden Obama's Dick?

(as in "Dick Cheney," that is..)