Monday, July 07, 2008

Gentleman Auction House CD Release Party

It's a rare day when I can say that I reviewed an album a good two months before its release party, but that's the case with Gentleman Auction House's Alphabet Graveyard. The album is loaded with indie pop giddiness and the band doesn't disappoint when they play it live.

Foundry Field Recording's Billy Schuh, Bald Eagle's Justin Nardy, and I drove to St. Louis' Bluebird to catch the band's official release party...and hang around for the after-party. I took some videos of GAH and one of the openers, Colormusic. Neither video do the bands justice, but I've posted them anyway. I only have enough space on Vimeo to upload the GAH video, so the Colormusic vid will have to wait.
Gentleman Auction House at Bluebird in StL 07/05/08 from comoprozac on Vimeo.

BTW-Whoever took my new BPA-Free Nalgene bottle should return it. Just give it to one of the GAH members to send on to Billy. Thanks.


KR said...

I got your BPA-free Nalgene bottle right here.

comoprozac said...

The one with the Apple sticker? Really?

KR said...

...No. not really. I didn't even know what BPA-free was until your post made me wiki the hell out of it.

GE said...

These guys sound pretty good. When's the album out?

comoprozac said...

I believe it comes out this week or next. You can pre-order it at Insound.

They will be touring with The Foundry Field Recordings in the fall.