Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend Wedding in Queens and other stuff

We're off this afternoon for Queens, NYC - the new Brooklyn. Friends are getting hitched, though they'd have more luck with legalities in Cali. It should be a good time. I plan to try out my new Flip camera. There will be no blogging until Monday or Tuesday evening, so go outside and enjoy the rain.

I missed last night's show at Mojo's featuring Gentleman Auction House and Colormusic, due to eating too much Thai food at R's colleague's. You should go to Mojo's for the Humane Society shindig on Saturday for me and support Billy Schuh (Foundry Field Recordings). He'll probably have some new tunes to share. Also, he goes on first, so you won't have to wait around.

Don't bother watching Angelina Jolie bending bullets or a trash compactor find true love. Instead, if you want to escape the humidity, go to the 'Tag and see Son of Rambow or one of the other delectable indie films on display. The 'Tag may even have a rock show, but I don't know that for sure. (Fliers, people. Just post a few fliers!)

There are a few things planned here at lim. It doesn't look like any interesting albums will come out next week, so I'll probably do some political posts or sports or something. I am definitely planning a best hang-outs list. I may even recount this weekend's activities. Of course with the 4th coming up and R out of town for a baby shower, who knows what will happen next weekend? Also, once I get around to it, I will create a living in misery store for all your shopping needs. One dollar of every item sold will go to my kid's college fund. More on these things later.

I have hinted at it before, but there are big things ahead in the coming months concerning the local music scene, and comoprozac is fully involved. Let's just say we're making over something old in hopes of creating something new for all the kids and their crazy rock 'n roll music. Stay tuned.

I don't know what you'll do this weekend, but don't wait around for me to post. Although, it should be noted that I had record traffic the past few days thanks to my good friends, Anonymous and Gil. Sure, there was a ton of page views by the same people over and over, skewing the page visit numbers, but Google Analytics reports that there were 78 individual visitors on Wednesday making 117 separate visits.

In the meantime, you should read Hardcore Blog Fisting Action and The Penultimate Couponwhore. They are the first couple of blogging and deserve your respect. Also, check out The Good Part's Next for Superchunk references and ardent Obama support. And when you're done with those, read Central Standard as it makes its triumphant return from Italy. Then, you could always sift through the many other good blogs listed to the right.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.


Pizza Cottontail said...

I think I probably skewed your Analytics numbers...I couldn't figure out how to get replies to come to my inbox. Sorry.

Tell us more about this new local music project. Unless it's top secret, of course. Will it make me regret leaving Misery?

Also, I'm flattered that you've called Lovey and I the first couple of blogging, but I'm sad to say we're not on speaking terms these days. The whole Gil/Anonymous thing has put quite a strain on our relationship.

dustystems said...

“One dollar of every item sold will go to my kid's college fund.” Please tell me this is a joke, because if it’s not this is quite possibly the most self-centered thing I’ve ever read. It’s bad enough your wife got you a cake job at the university, now your soliciting money from your readership to fund your child’s education? Have you ever considered helping people in need instead of funneling money back to those that get free education for their offspring as one of their heterosexual employment benefits?

Pizza Cottontail said...


Are you joking or serious?

comoprozac said...

All will be revealed regarding the local music project soon enough.

The Gil/Anonymous thing will pass.

Dustysystems (What's with all the anonymity around here?), it was sort of half-joke/half-serious. I have some designs on Cafe Press with more to come. I marked them up a dollar each but couldn't decide what to do with the profits.

I had never considered that my kid won't have to pay for college (assuming he/she attends wherever R is teaching). You make a good point (about the hetero-sexism as well). Maybe I should donate the proceeds to a local charity.

Do you have an suggestions? I'm open to any suggestions, Dustysystems.

(BTW-My job is not cake. I work very hard at it. Just b/c I love what I do doesn't mean it's easy.)

Now, Dustysystems, you should reveal yourself! (Although, I do have my suspicions...)

BTW-I'm back.

Pizza Cottontail said...

Welcome back! How was the trip?

I have my suspicions about dustystems' secret identity, too. Judging by the terrible, terrible syntax and grammar, I'm guessing it's our good friend Anonymous.

Don't leave me hanging on this music scene thing. At least tell me if I should I regret leaving the area...pretty please.

comoprozac said...

Dustysystems seems too over-the-top to be our ass clown friend. Besides, he shared some insider info that Anonymous could have never known.

I think it's a joke.

The music thing will be revealed in the near-future. It most likely will not make you leaving COMO that much. I'm just excited to be a part of the scene here.

BTW-Received your CD of pirated music in the mail over the weekend. I may have to post about it once I'm done with my work.

ATR said...

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed the new Brooklyn (but, no matter what, it's the same old Nuevo York). I'm glad to see thatduring my own prolonged absence you have been no stranger to an Internets "dust up" or two. I like the temporary name, but, really, it's just not you--bring back the Misery!

Keep the faith.

dustystems said...


I assure you that you probably do not know who I am, as I have never met you personally.
My friend from the English Department told me to read your blog because they were annoyed by things you said about Missouri. I checked it out and soon was annoyed by things you said as well, though not about Missouri. I won’t post on your blog anymore as I do think it’s unfair to argue with someone and not identify myself.


comoprozac said...

You really are serious.

I just don't get all the animosity. First Anonymous, then Gil, now Dustysystems. What happened to irony? Where is everyone's sense of humor?

I'm really not sure why one of my partner's colleagues would be so hostile toward me and not reveal him/herself.

Thanks for reading.

Pizza Cottontail said...

Dustystems is involved with an English Department and can't put together a coherent sentence most of the time. The second comment wasn't too bad, but the first comment...good God, y'all.

Way to go, Missouri.

Zach said...

"Way to go, Missouri."

What's that supposed to mean? Boy, I'm riled. You can expect me to lash out with some inappropriately personal and embarrassingly juvenile comments on your website. This is the geographically designated political organization under which I live, and I won't take no differing opinions - especially in the form of mild, harmless humor (unless said humor is delivered in "You might be a redneck if..." format).

I know this doesn't help, but I think there's a few valid points in there. Just don't let negativism faze you. You're doing a great job.

comoprozac said...

What's crazy is that I used to get hecklers when I deserved it. I'd bash someone's favorite band in somewhat offensive terms, and their fans (or band mates) came running to their rescue. In those instances, I probably had it coming.

What I don't get is how some people get all worked up over a top-ten list and some BS about making a little money. What's the big deal? If you don't like, don't read it. Or, if you can't help yourself, leave a comment that is respectful. I don't know what's going on with all the name-calling.

Either way, the original name is back. Additionally, I'm moderating the comments.

Scott said...

FWIW, I would read "my friend from the English department" as meaning the poster is not in the English department. (If they are, that phrase means they have only one friend there. Which, come to think about it, is certainly possible...)

comoprozac said...

Good deduction, Scott. We don't want to mis-label any departments as consisting of ass clowns and such. Cheers!

Pizza Cottontail said...

Re: Zach, no offense meant to the state itself. I should have said, "Way to go, University of Missouri."

I think you should put your Google Analytics skills to the test and try to track down this "dustystems."

Or maybe just let it slide. Sleeping dogs and all that.

Pizza Cottontail said...

Also, I agree w/ what seems to be the majority. You're doin' great.

I think an important lesson to be learned from all this is how to deal with anonymous detractors. If we're going to learn from anyone, (and are there any other options besides these two?) the business community seems to have a more proactive approach than the Church of Scientology, which I have to admit, has a pretty cool way of handling it.

Sarah said...

I'm really glad your original name is back. (However, you'd better believe there'd be a serious pool hall brawl here if you were being clever with North Carolina. Nobody's going to mess with those two words on my watch.)

jenny said...

I had no idea that R wielded that kind of power at the University. Can she get me a better office?

(For what it's worth Dusty, nobody gets anyone a cake job at the U. Especially not assistant profs. We're lucky WE have jobs.)