Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Regarding My Detractors

When you write a blog, you put yourself out there to be criticized. Anyone can stumble upon your writing with a point and click or simple Google search. I realize the scrutiny I open myself to whenever I post. In fact, I welcome it. It's fun to post something I've been knocking around in my head for a day or two and see what people have to say. I mostly get constructive comments on this blog, but once in a while, someone decides they really don't like what I have to say and they let me know.

I can take criticism. In fact, I dish it out once in a while when I read someth
ing with which I don't quite agree. I certainly give my critique on a variety of topics on this blog. So, it really doesn't bother me when commenters disagree. Disagreement actually enriches the discussion.

Criticism is fine...until it gets personal.

A few hecklers out there have resorted to personally attacking me and my blog. They don't like what I have to say, so they call me names and tell me how worthless my blog is. It's fine that they don't like what I have to say. Make an intelligent argument. Prove me wrong. Do
n't be lazy and simply insult me or my blog.

Let's take a moment to get to know some of the more pleasant members of the blogosphere.

This past February, I attended the Daniel Johnston show in Omaha. I had an uneasy feeling about the show and questioned how much of the event was just a way to honor a great artist or how much was exploitation. One of the musicians in Johnston's band took issue with my post. Mike Friedman decided to lash out at my criticism. To Mike Friedman, I was nothing more than a sad, sad cynic who wasted a weekend driving to Nebraska to see a concert I couldn't enjoy. It didn't matter that I had a legitimate argument or that my opinions about the show were just as valid as anyone else's opinion. (I would have linked something to Mike Friedman, but the man has
no digital footprint. How can anyone not have a digital footprint?)

In early May, I saw and reviewed an incredible Caribou show at SLU's Billiken Club. However, that was not what earned me the ire of a particular commenter. Erm, the accountant (or maybe just accounting student), did not like what I had posted about the opener that night, Fuck Buttons.

That's right. Erm had a problem with my review of a Fuck Buttons performance.

To put it frankly, I thought they "sucked buttons". Erm proceed
ed to trash my entire blog, insinuating that it was the only miserable thing I could do with a computer, unlike the musical iMac genius of Fuck Buttons. Of course, one only has to follow the links to see what he/she does with some time and a computer. I won't attack Erm's blog just because I don't agree with his/her diet or exercise routine (Read the blog.) However, Erm felt it necessary to stand up for Fuck Buttons by tearing down living in misery.

Finally, there was yesterday's gem from the commenter known as Anonymous. I made the unforgivable sins of superimposing Nico for Neko (Case), liking She & Him and Vampire Weekend in the same post, and using a whimsical pun in describ
ing the state I am in. It boggles my mind why Anonymous became so enraged over a simple post regarding my favorite albums of 2008 (so far). All that I could think of was that his/her mother is Neko Case, Zooey Deschanel (of She & Him) turned down his/her invite to the prom, and Missouri really means a lot to him/her. Geesh!

It seems that most of my critics have a problem with the tone and title of my blog. They find that it degrades the great state of Missouri and its people. I never meant to offend anyone. The idea of substituting "misery" for "Missouri" was only created as a way for me to remember my state capitals in fifth grade. I would recite, "There is misery in Jefferson City
," over and over again. And you know what? It worked. I missed only one state (Wyoming, I think) and earned an "A".

Somehow, this little pun has upset several of my readers. So, in the spirit of a harmonious blogosphere (and to keep my Google Analytics numbers up), I am changing the name of my blog for one week. (I also considered changing my nom de plume to "ass clown", but I decided not to give anymore credence to such name-calling.)

In case you stumble upon my blog long after the week is over, I will insert the image of my new blog title below.

Say "hello" to Living in Funshine Happy Place!!!


Pizza Cottontail said...

Overall, I agree with your post.

But for the record: based on my extensive knowledge of the Care Bears (mainly--hell, wholly--derived from the powerful episode "Unbearable") if your new blog name is referencing the show, you've missed-named the place where the Care Bears live. The Care Bears don't live in Funshine Happy Place. They live in Care-A-Lot.

Funshine's home, if you're interested, is called "Funshine's Fun-House."

That said, "Funshine Happy Place" is a pretty cool name. Much better than "Missouri." Because "Missouri" sounds like "Misery," as you know. And probably better than Care-A-Lot, which is a copyright-infringement waiting to happen, since it's obviously a play on "Camelot."

What does "Funshine Happy Place" sound like? Freakin' awesome, that's what.You should keep the blog's new name for longer than a week. It's not a good time to be living in Missouri, and the new name might keep some of the more testy Misery-ians pacified. The state's losing its best asset (third-rate beer), half the state's going to be underwater , and what else does the state have going for it? A rockin' state flower? Rebuilding years for its football teams?

The asshats will need something to keep them happy. "Funshine Happy Place" might just do the trick.

comoprozac said...

I was going to call it "Sunshine Happy Place", but your story of the Care Bear known as "Funshine" inspired me to change. I already knew that the Care Bears lived in Care-a-Lot, but Funshine's home was news to me.

KR said...

For the record--and all the Homeland Security people out there wasting time and taxpayer dollars by reading blogs that might support the terrorist fist-jabs--I love this blog.

Como, I'm sorry you felt like you needed to change who you are, and who your blog is (that's right, "who") because of some really boring assholes out there.

I grew up in Misery. And Missouri. I have no qualms about semantics. And yes, I agree with most of your arguments concerning the topics you present.

Which does NOT mean I go clicking around to alternative sites that may represent opposite ideals and lambaste them. Simply because I don't agree with them. (That's the job of Rush Limbaugh and the Republican party.)

If you want to be levelheaded dissenters, cool, that's acceptable. But, for shame, you members of the blogosphere, who are disrespectful enough to get pissed off about a simple typo like Nico/Neko. Get a job.

Anonymous said...

I just think it's funny that a simple "ass clown" comment was capable of generating such a response. Posts on two separate blogs dedicated to calling me out. It's actually very empowering. You say you are open to criticism, but you changed the name of your blog. Grow a pair!

Also, I'm not gil.

Mom said...

I never trust anyone who signs "anonymous" to his/her blog -talk about growing a pair.

Pizza Cottontail said...

Amen, mom.

douglas said...

hailing from kcmo & having "grown up" in como, i feel qualified saying your blog name and the prescribed comoprozac is delectably clever.

comoprozac said...

Thanks all for the support. It's my faithful readership that I value and which motivates me to write so often.

I have a couple of thoughts about this whole mess.

First, Anonymous, it's funny how you wrote off my opinions and my blog so hastily, but you keep coming back for more. Thank you for doubling my traffic during a slow month.

Second, what is it with you and all the borderline homophobic, emasculating name-calling? Do you have something to prove? Are you compensating for some inadequacy in your own life?

If you actually read this post carefully, you would realize that the criticism of this blog goes way back and is certainly not limited to your comments alone. I chose to change the name for a week as a humorous way of dealing with the criticism.

My sincerest apologies go out to the mysterious Gil.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a huge homophobe. Thanks for calling me out.

Not to burst your bubble, but I doubt you have gotten any new readers from this "ordeal." It's just the old one checking back. Kudos on having 10 faithful readers. I'm sure that gets you through the hard times here in Misery.

Jake said...

People like Anonymous make me glad I went outside today.