Friday, June 06, 2008

My Thoughts on Indecision '08, circa June

I wanted to start this post on the politic with my defense of Hillary Clinton. That's right, I'm defending Clinton. As an Obama supporter, it was never my intention to bash Clinton for being a woman. I have problems with some of her policies (although most of her ideas align with Obama's being that they are both in the same political party) and how she has run her campaign, but I would never criticize her for being a woman. In fact, one could argue that a woman could do the job better than the last few presidents who invaded other countries unnecessarily, regularly reneged on campaign promises, fooled around with interns, and was...well...incompetent.

It is incomprehensible to me that it is OK for pundits and anyone with a political opinion to think that Hillary Clinton is not electable based on her sex/gender. She has continuously been held to a different standard than her male counterparts. If she displays a touch demeanor, she's a cold bitch. When Hillary showed some emotion, she was weak and unable to lead us in a time of war. Come on. Aren't we past this yet?

If anyone had said similar things about Barack Obama's race being a factor in his ability to do the job, everyone would have cried "racism". There is a terrible double standard here. Racism and sexism are both detrimental to our society and neither should be tolerated.

Let's face it. Hillary Clinton ran an incredible race whether she was male or female. Clinton is extremely driven and more than competent enough to run our country. She's light years ahead of W in the smarts department. It would not have been a bad thing had she pulled out the nomination. In fact, I still hope she joins Obama's ticket, but more on that later.

Luckily, The Daily Show had a humorous take on the whole deal...

Now that Hillary has taken it on the chin for her time in the public eye, a new woman steps forward to take abuse from the sexist pigs FOX "news", Michelle Obama. Feminists were raving when she and Barack gave the fist bump before his victory speech. The gesture signified an equality in the Obama's relationship. She, like Clinton, is bright, well-educated, and independent, everything conservative pundits hate. But she does possess one thing that Hillary Clinton does not. Michelle Obama is fierce. Would you mess with her? I wouldn't.

Now that Hillary is going to suspend her campaign (whatever that means), Barack Obama has some decisions to make. The first, and possibly most important one is in choosing his running mate. I heard that Edwards is not interested. (Possible AG?) The "dream ticket" was always thought to be a Obama/Clinton ticket (although six months ago I might have flip-flopped those names). However, Clinton has been so defiant in recent days and is still trying to convince us all that she's the best choice. All she had to do was graciously concede to Obama and the VP was hers. Of course, that might not be what she wanted. My bet is that it will be someone we never suspected. A woman would be a good political move...with Clinton's blessing that is.

All I know is that I'm glad my candidate is in the hunt. I never get my candidate through the primaries and I haven't voted for a winner since Bill Clinton in '96. Either way, things will certainly heat up in the months to come. It will either be the same old BS we've dealt with for eight, long years or it will be a historical change that will get this country back on track.


Mom said...

Loved the Daily Show clip! Thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard the comments earlier on Hillary's cleavage and the nagging - too funny - you didn't mention the pantsuits which she has been highly criticized for as well. I wonder if the women leaders in other countries are scrutinized as much as Hillary has been? It's going to be an interesting year - let's hope Obama can pull it off!
BTW, it's "reneged." (sorry - the old English teacher in me)

comoprozac said...

Fixed. Actually, I hadn't even finished that paragraph. It's a good thing you edit my work.

Anonymous said...

Claire McCaskill would make a mighty fine choice don't you think? Although, I too would like to see an Obama/Clinton ticket.

Huey said...

I'd love and Obama/Clinton ticket. And the clip was great!

If Michelle is so "fierce" why not and Obama/Obama ticket? hahaha

ks said...

I loved this post. Thanks for that. I kept rewinding the Tivo to watch the "fistbump" a few times in a row. That was absolutely priceless, and a sign that a new generation has arrived.

ks said...

oh, and by "fistbump" what I actually meant was "TERRORIST FIST JAB." WTF?! FoxNews = The "Journalistic" Equivalanet to Someone's Old Senile Grandpa.