Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Past

I sort of didn't have time to post on Father's Day. So, I'll post before I get to work this morning.

Not much happened on Father's Day.

I received my first Father's Day gift, although, technically the spawn still lies in utero. R bought me a Baby Bjorn since I had expressed my distaste for all the wrap-type of baby carrier. Now I will feel hip and European as I carry the kid in my own Baby Bjorn. (It should be noted that our bjorn is black, not green. And we are not nearly as Scandinavian as these models.)

I played my last flag football game (for a while anyway). Our team was 0-6 and had to play a 6-0 team in the first round of the playoffs. With only six players (you can play up to 7), we only lost by one-freakin'-point last week. This week we had seven. we actually were beating the Ballerz by two touchdowns at one point. However, on our last touchdown, I heard my hamstring pop. That's never good. The combination of having only six players who could move, much less run, and Ballerz pride led to our eventual demise. Oh well, I could barely think about playing another game after pulling the hammy.

I did call my own dad - probably the best dad ever - and we talked about the US Open and the NBA Finals. Tiger Woods, despite playing on a newly reconstructed knee, has played himself into a playoff to be played out later today. I don't like golf, but I cheer for Tiger. There's something about a man of color beating rich, white boys at their own game that's appealing to me.

The NBA Finals are coming to a close. Simply put, the Celtics play defense and the Lakers don't. Look for the Celtics to win the next game in Boston easily to win like their 800th championship (or 17th). I really don't care who wins, but something makes me want to choose the Celtics. It could be their defense or could be that whole Kobe Bryant "thing" in Colorado a few years back.

Some music is in the mail and a beer tasting is happening tonight. So, there will be more to say in the days to come.

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