Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beer Tasting at Sycamore

Monday night's beer tasting at Sycamore was one of those moments that made me forget I was in Misery. Thanks a ton to Sanford at Sycamore for putting the dilly together. If you're interested, Scott posted our tasting list here. We will meet again next month with a focus on lagers. It should be a challenge to find some great lagers not sold in COMO.

As a side note, the folks from Patrick Chocolate were there as well.


DJ Mike said...

I checked the list, and it looked delicious. I'm an IPA fan...did any of them stand out above and beyond?

comoprozac said...

To be honest, the IPA's that stood out were the same old culprits: Stone Ruination IPA, Laugunitas. Sadly, I missed the Deschutes Inversion. The biggest disappointment of the night was the Southern Tier Tripel I brought. The Dogfish Head was excellent of course.

DJ Mike said...

Stone Ruination is one of my faves. Tripels haven't really ever struck my fancy...I think they try to sacrifice flavo(u?)r for a little higher APV.

Did you have the 60 or 90 minute Dogfish Head? The 90 is supposed to be better, but I prefer the 60--but not by much.

Mmm. Beer.

comoprozac said...

We had the 120. The 120.