Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Weekend's Over Already? Part 2

Let's see...where did I leave you...there was the 31st birthday...the farmers' market...the first birthday...

I met up with the Justins, Billy, and their friend for some hardcore super hero action, aka Iron Man. I'm not always a huge comic book movie fan, but this one looked good. IM didn't disappoint. The background story set up characters nicely and the action was first rate. Iron Man even looked cool. Sure, he was a CGI creation for the most part, but it works when there are no facial expressions. For example, The Hulk doesn't work. The clone army in Attack of the Clones does. Yoda doing flips and some bad-ass Jedi fighting doe not work. Iron Man flying faster than the speed of sound and blowing stuff up does work. Understand?

The other guys mentioned they were going to the 'Tag that evening to catch this band Cave. It sounded interesting, so I vowed to join them.

In the meantime, I did some stuff around the house. There was the painting in the basement and in the nursery. I had to water some plants outside. Oh, and I had to stir fry some chicken and bok choy before going out.

The band wasn't set to go on until around 10:30. I arrived at the bar a little early so I could fit in a beer before the festivities began. If I had known that none of the bands would begin until almost midnight, I might have stayed in. On top of that, I left movies at home that really needed to be returned to Ninth Street (now on Hitt, in the complex if you recall).

The first band finally got things rolling sometime after 11. Of course, they weren't overly memorable. I mean, I've already forgotten their name. (I looked it up. They were the California Raisins, sans dancing raisins and Motown-like harmonies.) They played that highly electronic stuff that sounds so eighties although with more a punk aesthetic. I liked the style the first time I heard it in mid-nineties Dayton by the name of Brainiac. It's fun to dance to and the kids played well. I just wasn't feeling it.

Cave finally came on. I couldn't see them since they were playing in the small theater where there are no risers or stage. The set was fast and furious, so much so that I hardly had time to form an opinion. From what I could tell about the Chicago band via COMO was that their brand of instrumental rock actually rawked. However, the set was so ridiculously short, it's hard to say much else.

By the time they were done, I was done. Before I left, I had one more beer with one of the Justins and called it a night.

Sunday morning found me painting again. this time, I finished the inner portions of the trees and should be ready to start on another part of the wall and maybe some trunks and branches. We'll see.

There was supposed to be a flag football game, but only two of us from our team showed up. I played no flag football and returned home.

For most of the afternoon I watched game 7 of the Cavs/Celtics series. LeBron James was wildly good, but as is true Cleveland fashion, the team fell short. Some were calling the game an "instant classic" hearkening back to the days of Bird vs. Wilkens or Bird vs. Magic. I don't think it was anything like those battles. It was only the second round. These Celtics haven't won anything yet (or at least not any playoff road games). Additionally, LeBron is all alone on this Cavs "team". The good folks of Cleveland should just kiss King James goodbye. He'll be a Knick by the end of the decade.

The weekend then slowed to a halt as I did some laundry, cooked a chicken, and waited for R to return home from Columbus.

(Sorry for the lame-ass second installment. Sequels are never as good as the originals. I promise to have something way more thought-provoking posted tomorrow.)

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