Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who's reading this?

I once complained that only a few people were reading my blog. I had added the counter you see at the bottom of the page and watched it slowly tick off new visitors as they passed through Misery. Now we're at something like 4,687 different visitors. Of course, I don't know how accurate that is with RSS feeds and people using different computers and whatnot, but it encourages me to think that maybe even 10-20% of that number probably reads this blog on a regular basis.

My friend Billy shared with me Google Analytics. It has now completely changed my perspective on my readership. I started using it last Thursday and have seen my numbers rise from there ever since. See for yourself...
(The zero on the previous days are due to starting the service on the 17th.)
I don't honestly think this blog could be anything more than a way for me to share my miserable existence with the world, but at least it lets me know that what I have to say is worth about a minute or two of one's day or a slot on someone's Google Reader.

Basically what I want to say is thanks for reading. I realize that this blog is a way for me to have conversations not possible in this isolated crap-hole known as COMO. I keep reviewing records and shows or whining from my soap box or lamenting life in the true Midwest. I do all of this knowing that you are reading it. It's my motivation to post so often. Thanks again.


Huey said...

Yeah, keep posting. I for one enjoy your opinions, rants, reviews or whatever you may call it. I may not comment all the time and I should more often. I suppose I feel my comments don't hold a light to many of your enlightened readers.

When it comes to my own blog, I am too am interested in the number of comments I receive on my blog.

(How about that plug)

comoprozac said...

Comment. I write stupid shit here all the time. Good for you on the blatant self-promotion.

Collin said...

I can verify that what you write is "worth a slot on [my] Google Reader," even though this is the first comment I've left.



comoprozac said...

Thanks. I think bloggers are the most gracious people around.

Jake said...

Google Analytics is running my life. Not really. But, it does have me analyzing all sorts of aspects of my readership. It's exciting to see how hits fluctuate as related to whatever was posted that day. Knowing where your hits are coming from is awesome, too.

comoprozac said...

I hear that. I 'heart' the Google Analytics. I've actually found that blatantly leaving links to my blog in other blog's comment section leads to a bump in traffic.