Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bitter? You bet I'm bitter!

I am so tired of McCain and that other Democrat picking on Barack Obama over comments he made referring to middle-America laborers as "bitter". I'd be bitter too if I felt my government was allowing my job to be shipped over seas or over the border. I'd be bitter if they kept sending my sons and daughters to fight a war for oil. I'd be bitter if the rich continued to thrive while my neighbors are losing their homes.

Am I bitter? You bet I'm bitter.

Obama was right on when he pointed this out. He may be a gifted orator, but he doesn't candy-coat America's problems. He is not out of touch with the common man or woman because he simply points out their frustrations with a government that doesn't address their needs.

Do people in rural America turn to guns and religion out of this bitterness? Sure they do. I live in the middle of Misery; that's what we do here. Why do you think the "president" has so much support despite the inadequacies of his administration? He supports gun ownership and is clearly religious. The administration may be responsible for my job moving overseas, but they won't take my glock.

The media has jumped on this "issue" and won't let it die. As is typical for the media, they have once again chosen to focus the debate on silly issues such as whether Obama is an elitist or not. They do this rather than report on the many problems in Iraq or the blatant disrespect the government is showing for our civil rights. When was the last time you heard an in depth report on events in Afghanistan?

Thankfully, there is a lone, sensible voice in the media...


ks said...

you SO stole the title of my next blog post. i can concede. you can have it. :) and last night's daily show was incredible, in a funny-cuz-it's-true kind of way!

Pizza Cottontail said...

Two things:

1. Check out the historian's perspective on the Bush Administration. Over 98% of them think it's been a failure, but only 61% think he's the worst president in history.

2. We're going to have to agree to disagree for the rest of the primaries, because I've officially endorsed Hillary Clinton. Mainly (well, entirely) because of the link's video.

comoprozac said...

ks, feel free to use the title. It's not copywritten or anything.

Pizza, I have seen the historian's perspective over at 95Total. Also, it should be pointed out that in the Stewart coverage, Hillary asks for Crown Royal. 'Nuff said.