Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Ragtag Move

Our only indie movie screen is actually moving this week. Tonight is the last night for films at the 10th Street "cinemacafe" known as the Ragtag. The move to two screens and actual theater seating is really going to happen!

This means a lot to those of us who come from cities with vast indie screens to COMO: land of one indie screen. Now, we will be able to show up last second and have a choice of films instead of getting there plenty early just to see something we're only moderately interested in and to squeeze onto a crummy couch...oh wait, they're actually taking the couches with them. But that's OK for now. We will have choices in the near future! Granted, we will only get two choices but that's something.

Either way, this is a welcome change to COMO's enntertainment landscape. Now, all I have to do is see if I can talk R into going out for one last film at the old Ragtag.

This is getting me uber excited for True/False in less than two weeks...


Pizza Cottontail said...

I'm glad to hear Ragtag's moving. I thought the old one was the worst place in town. I'd drive to the Lou or KC rather than go there.

The best thing would be if all the customers who laugh self-righteously or when they get a pretty obvious joke (or feel compelled to talk about what the movie means to them) would boycott the new Ragtag.

Jami said...

You will be pleased to know that the large theater is going to have real theater seats...bright orange seats with food trays. It's true, I helped pick them out! See you at the movies.